February 1, 2023

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Temperature: 50 degrees? Holiday country threatens incredible temperature situation – EU all-time registration is possible

Heavy rain against wildfires: The weather in the north and south of Europe does not differ from each other. Still – it could be even more serious.

Munich – For weeks the weather in northern and southern Europe has been going to two different extremes: in the north and at the center of Europe, entire regions, cities and human lives are being completely destroyed by massive rains and storms. Cleaning work will continue for weeks, especially in the affected German areas. Not to mention the homes and livelihoods of people who could not be rebuilt so quickly.

But the last few months have not been easy for southern Europe: Spain has been battling a continuous heat wave and associated wildfires near Barcelona for weeks. In the Italian holiday island of Sardinia, wildfires have destroyed thousands of hectares of land, forcing citizens and holidaymakers to flee. Similar scenes take place in Turkey. A wildfire has been raging here for several days, injuring several hundred people so far.

Now the next shock: the record-breaking heat wave is rolling towards southern Europe

Temperatures are expected to reach 44 degrees in the coming days in parts of southern Europe, according to current weather forecasts. The perceived temperature should be 50 degrees and above. This heat can be a problem for southerners as well, otherwise accustomed to high temperatures. Many heat waves have already killed many lives in the last 20 years. According to meteorologists, this is partly due to Cherokee – the desert wind that blows hot and dry air from the south into the Mediterranean.

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This warm air initially spreads to popular holiday destinations. In southern Italy, the Adriatic Sea and Greece, temperatures are expected to reach Albania, northern Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey. The temperature here is expected to rise to 44 degrees at the beginning of the week, and then to 50 degrees during the week – with temperatures likely to be possible in Italy and Greece as well. This could break the July 1977 European heat record: at that time, the official temperature in Athens was 48.0 degrees Celsius.

Heating in Europe: The weather map now shows confusing forecasts

The weather service “Kachchelmanwetter” now shares a picture of catastrophic forecasts on its Twitter page. The description says: “Yes, I have not seen maps like this yet & I can only hope that this will not happen in southern and southeastern Europe.” According to the US model on the map, the temperature in Italy is expected to be 50 degrees on August 8, 2021, according to experts.

The heat wave in Europe: There is a glimmer of hope

But there is a little hope on the horizon. Since these extreme heat-affected areas last only a week, cold winds from the north should help people. It is not yet clear to what extent the heat from the north of Europe will penetrate and reach Croatia. In addition, one must always wait to see exactly what this long-term forecast will be. But one thing is for sure: it will be red.

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Rubriklistenbild: © Arif Kaplan / dpa