October 3, 2022

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Texas: Child abuser commits suicide in court during sentencing | news

During the punishment he swallowed poison |

Child abuser commits suicide in courtroom

Austin (Texas) – Shocking moment in Texas courtroom: As Edward LeClair (57) was convicted of child abuse, the accused committed suicide by poisoning himself in the hall.

In 2016 Leclair was charged with five counts of child abuse. The jury reached a decision last Thursday; A Denton County court will meet later to announce the order.

It’s hard to believe what happened next.

Even Assistant District Attorney Jamie Beck “Daily Mail”: “The arbitrator hands over the verdict to the judge, and then he begins to read it. During this trial, he kept a bottle of water on his lawyer’s table. It’s not like he took a drop of water. So to speak, he downed it himself.

According to Beck, bystanders saw strange behavior, but they thought it was a reaction to the guilty verdict.

Then the pedophile returned to the holding cell. However, the behavior of the court officials was seen as suspicious and they searched him again after some time. He was already unconscious and lying on the ground. His face was said to be grey.

LeClair was rushed to the hospital, lost consciousness and died a short time later. The child abuser has made a judgment for himself.