January 28, 2023

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Texas: Prayer temple hostage situation ends – all hostages released

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The hostage-taking at the synagogue ended – the hostages died

Police cars in front of the Good Shepherd Catholic community near the synagogue

Police cars in front of the Good Shepherd Catholic community near the synagogue

Source: AFP / Emil Lippe

Large-scale operation by FBI and SWAT units near Fort Worth: One person was taken hostage at a synagogue in the US state of Texas. All people are now free and “alive and well”.

D.The hostage-taking process at a synagogue in the US state of Texas has come to an end. All of the hostages in Colliville, a small town near Dallas, are “alive and well,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott said Saturday (local time) on Twitter. A first hostage had already been released prematurely.

According to police, the hostage, who wanted to release the convicted terrorist, died during the operation.

Rescue operations at the synagogue began ten hours after the hostages were captured. “The hostage rescue team attacked the synagogue,” police chief Michael Miller told a news conference in Goli. “The suspect is dead.” Journalists reported a loud explosion and gunfire at the synagogue shortly before Abbott announced the release of the hostages.

According to media reports, a man in the Congregational Beth Israel prayer house took the rabbi and at least three others into his power. Armed, he planted bombs in several places.

Authorities were called to the synagogue address Saturday morning (local time), according to police in the city of 26,000. Nearby houses were evacuated. The public was asked to evacuate the area. No injuries have been reported so far. Federal police are involved in FBI activity and are in contact with hostages. A SWAT team is also on site.

Report: Hostages demand release of Islamists

Said a U.S. official familiar with the matter ABC NewsThe brother of the hostage claimed Afia Siddiqui, a Islamist, was convicted of attempted murder Should be. Authorities have not yet confirmed his identity. The suspect demands the release of his “sister”. However, Afia Siddiqui’s lawyer said it was not her client’s brother. “We want to certify that the perpetrator is not Dr.’s brother,” said Afia (…), a respected architect. From a newscaster CNN. The prosecutor condemned the act and asked for the hostages to be released.

Security forces near the synagogue

Security forces near the synagogue

What: AP / Smiley n. Pool

A police car blocks the road to the synagogue

A police car blocks the road to the synagogue

What: AP / Jake Bleiberg

Afia Siddiqui is serving a 86-year sentence near Fort Worth on charges of shooting dead soldiers and FBI agents in 2010. In Texas recently demonstrated for the liberation of Islamic organizations.

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His poster was taken to the streets during a protest rally in Lahore, Pakistan in 2010 calling for the release of Afia Siddiqui.

A A live broadcast of the congregation’s morning prayer was streamed on Facebook, A male voice, demanded that he talk to his sister on the phone. “I’m going to die,” he said.

The White House says US President Joe Biden has been briefed on the field situation. Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett wrote on Twitter that he was closely monitoring the situation. We pray for the safety of the hostages and rescue workers.

Authorities in other U.S. cities, including New York and Los Angeles, said they had increased their presence in synagogues and other Jewish institutions as a precautionary measure in light of the hostage-taking in Goliville.

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