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After El Paso another Texas Shooting Shakes Entire Country

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Mass shootings in Texas have only increased in the recent time. With growing racial discrimination and high-profile shootings, the entire scenario is gradually upgrading towards a humanitarian crisis in the country. Followed by the El Paso shooting that took place in early August, the recent West Texas shooting during the busy weekend horrified the citizens, who remain disheartened with the entire situation.

The El Paso shooting on August 3, which killed more than 22 people and injured 24, was recognized as an act of domestic terrorism and a possible hate crime throughout the world. Leaders condemned the shootings with their scathing statements, pleading Americans to reject the politicians, who have been promoting the atmosphere of fear and hatred.

However, this alone is not a solution to halt the criminals, feeding on the politicians’ attitude and carelessness. The Texas shooting, which killed seven people and wounded 22 others on Saturday, happened hours before a series of firearm laws went into effect in the US.

The Odessa Police Department identified the man on Sunday. As known by past records, Seth Ator was previously arrested in 2001 for criminal trespassing and avoiding arrests, both of which were misdemeanors in the public records. The 36-year-old was also charged with a 2018 traffic citation for a federal motor carrier safety violation.

The FBI executed a search warrant on Sunday at a rural property in West Odessa, which they believed was connected to the alleged shooter. While going through social media accounts named under Ator, it was disclosed that he was a truck driver and his only visible picture on Facebook was posted in 2012.

In a hustle of getting to know if there were other culprits responsible for Saturday’s Texas shooting, the police and FBI are desperately conducting searches. In doing so, many officers are convinced that the shooter acted alone and of his own free will, while they have to go through 15 different crime scenes and numerous cars to know what exactly happened.

The investigation suggested that hours before the killing rampage began, the criminal was fired from his trucking job. He was later pulled over by Texas troopers in Midland as he failed to use his signal. During this act, he shot the troopers with an AR-type weapon and sped away. He even sprayed bullets on random motorists and residents, while driving on the streets and highway.

Ditching his gold Honda, he later hijacked a US postal service vehicle, making his way into Odessa about 20 miles away. There police confronted him in a movie theater parking lot and killed him in a shootout.

One of the shooter’s neighbors Veronica Alonzo said that he approached her last month while holding a rifle and yelled at her for leaving trash in a nearby dumpster.

The Texas shooting included a long list of wounded individuals, which involved children as well. A 17-month-old girl and three law enforcement officers were the ones amongst the injurers, while those shot dead included individuals between 15 to 57 years old.

Since the criminal was killed in a police confrontation, the motive behind the Texas shooting largely remains unknown. While many mourned over the loss of their friends and family in the tragedy, others anxiously waited outside the Medical Center Hospital Emergency room in Odessa, praying for their family’s full recovery.

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