May 26, 2022

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The atmosphere ignited as the Carolina Hurricanes blasted the Boston Bruins in a Chibi win 2;  Ante Ranta was injured in a collision

The atmosphere ignited as the Carolina Hurricanes blasted the Boston Bruins in a Chibi win 2; Ante Ranta was injured in a collision

Carolina and Boston ramped up game two in the first round of their Stanley Cup series on Wednesday. This led to the two teams suffering a huge loss as the Hurricanes goalkeeper You are Ranta The Bruins defender Humpus Lindholm He left the match with injuries.

It was Carolina who dominated the scoreboard by defeating the Bruins 5-2 And it leads 2-0 in the top seven. Boston takes the series home after winning 10-3 over the first two games.

The violent beating began in the early hours of Wednesday morning and continued until the final whistle.

Carolina saw Ranta drop midway through the first half after colliding with the Bruins striker David Pasternak. He left the bloodied Ranta immediately and would no longer have an upper body injury; Pastrnak was evaluated with a two-minute penalty for a goalkeeper interference.

Hurricanes coach Ruud Brende Amour had no update on Ranta after the win, but said the goalkeeper was not in concussion protocol.

As for whether Pasternak was thought to have deliberately targeted Ranta, Brendamor said, “What do you think? It couldn’t get any clearer.”

Bruins’ coach, Bruce Cassidy, had a different view on the incident.

“We’re in a power game, and he’s trying to chase the puck,” Cassidy said of Pasternak. “His foot caught his towel. He’s trying to block the road and get out of the way.”

In the second frame, forward hurricanes Andrei Svechnikov He flattened Lindholm to the ground along the boards with a blow that left the cannon jiggling. Lindholm unsuccessfully tried to get up on his own before the goalkeeper helped him out of the ice Linus Olmark The team coaches. He was from there with an injury to the lower body.

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Svechnikov was not punished for that blow, but Brandon Carlo He stepped in to defend his teammate and earned both Carlo and Svechnikov as violent minors for the thing that followed.

“[Lindholm’s] Cassidy said, “Not doing well. He has an upper body injury. The hit was definitely on time, but it sounded loud.” [The referees] I didn’t see it that way.”

Cassidy added that he is not sure if Lindholm has been taken to hospital or if he will return to Boston with the team on Wednesday.

“I feel bad,” Svechnikov said of Lindholm’s injury. “It was a hard blow.”

Meanwhile, later in the second period, Brad Marchand Take a hit on the rising goalkeeper of the Hurricanes Peter Kochetkovthe third pillar to replace Ranta (Carolina already without her Frederic Andersenlower body injury rehabilitation). Kochikov ruled out Marchand’s slap and put the Bruins’ agitator back on again, balancing the cut calls that were distributed to each side.

22-year-old Kochetkov was the youngest-ever post-season goalkeeper to debut in the history of the Carolina franchise. He played just 149 NHL minutes through three games with Carolina before being called up in Game 2 but had a 3-0-0 record in those shows, with 2.42 GAA and .902 SV%.

He finished Wednesday’s match and made 30 saves in 32 shots.

Game 3 between Hurricanes and Bruins begins this Friday at the TD Garden.