February 1, 2023

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The ceremony was announced in Kabul: The Taliban are apparently planning a government with 25 ministries

The ceremony was announced in Kabul
The Taliban are openly planning a government with 25 ministries

The Taliban are currently working in their cabinet. Locals say 25 ministries are planned. A man who believes some are dead must become a spiritual leader. Politburo leader Bharat and the ambitious son of Taliban founder Jacob play a key role.

Within three weeks of the Taliban coming to power in Afghanistan, a radical Islamic government was taking shape. Taliban sources said in the afternoon that Mullah Bhardar, the head of the Taliban Politburo, would head the government in Kabul. Mullah Mohammad Jacob, son of the late Taliban founder Mullah Omar, will hold a high position in the government, three locals said. Jacob’s fame was largely derived from his father’s fame. In his early 30s, he had no years of war experience based on the power of other Taliban leaders. However, since last year, as head of the Taliban’s military commission, he has directed all its operations in Afghanistan.

A presentation by the Taliban government is expected soon. Taliban officials had earlier said the ceremony would be held at the presidential palace in Kabul. Taliban sources said the new government would include 25 ministries. An advisory panel of twelve Muslim scholars will also support the government. In addition, the Loja Zirga Assembly is scheduled to meet in six to eight weeks, during which representatives of the regions and civil society will discuss a constitution.

One person said that the supreme leader of the Taliban should accept the responsibility of the spiritual government. Since Achuthanandan did not speak publicly after the Taliban came to power in Kabul in mid-August, rumors were already circulating that he was no longer alive. The legal scholar took office after former Taliban leader Mullah Akhtar Mansour, who was killed in a US drone strike in 2016.

Asundatsada sought to consolidate his power by uniting competing groups within the movement and filling leading positions. According to the United Nations, Achuthanandan was the head of justice during the Taliban rule from 1996 to 2001. In 2017, one of Asunzada’s sons was killed in a suicide attack on an Afghan military base.

As head of the Taliban’s political bureau during the peace talks with the United States in the Emirate of Qatar, Bardar was one of the most important representatives of the Islamic group. He was the Deputy Minister of Defense during the previous Taliban regime in Afghanistan. According to the United Nations, he later commanded Taliban militants in attacks on US forces and their allies in Afghanistan. From 2010 to 2018 he was imprisoned in Pakistan. He is a close friend of former Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar. This gave him the nickname “Brother” and “Brother” in German.

According to an Al Jazeera broadcaster, a representative of the Qatari Foreign Ministry arrived in Kabul. The purpose of the visit is to quickly reopen civil aviation service at the airport. Faced with the impending economic downturn, the Taliban need international donors to give legal recognition to the leadership. The United States and the European Union have continued to issue declarations to protect human rights by giving formal recognition to the Islamist government. With the formation of a government in Kabul, Western pressure is mounting to decide whether to recognize the Taliban government.

The federal government has a low profile

The federal government did not want to comment on personal details. A spokesman for the Federal Foreign Office in Berlin said the Taliban had not yet issued a public statement. The federal government has indicated that state cooperation between the governments in Berlin and Kabul has officially stopped.

EU countries want to continue to work together in search of links with the Taliban. “We have decided to do it in an integrated manner, including a joint presence in Kabul,” EU Foreign Representative Joseph Borel told a meeting of EU foreign ministers in Bdro, Slovenia. A prerequisite security situation allows it to be in the capital of Afghanistan. The EU wants to work with partners in the region on issues related to refugees and organized crime.

When British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb visited Pakistan, he said his country would not recognize the Taliban government, but would have to deal with the new reality. You need to talk to the new rulers in Kabul. An economic and social downturn in Afghanistan must be prevented. The Taliban have made many improvements, “some of which are positive, at least in words,” Rob said. “We need to test them now and see if it leads to action.”

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