December 10, 2022

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The culprit kicked the door, opened fire – massacre in the UK – six killed! – News abroad

Terrible bleeding in the UK!

In the southwestern port city of Plymouth, one person shot dead five people.

The bodies of two men and two women were found at the scene, Devon and Cornwall police said Friday morning. Another woman died at the hospital with serious injuries. All of the victims appear to have been wounded in the shooting. According to the Times, one of the victims may have been a girl. Also, many injured people are being treated at that location.

The sixth deceased is probably a suspect. He was reportedly shot and killed, according to Sky News.

British police cordoned off a large part of the crime scenePhoto: Ben Birchal / A.P.

Police are talking about a “serious shooting incident.” She rejects a terrorist background. The relationship between the accused and the victim is not yet clear.

An eyewitness told the BBC he heard an indifference and several gunshots. The offender kicked the door of a house and fired. He then ran and shot people in the street. Another witness described the offender as “dressed in black with a gun.”

Police and rescue workers were on high alert in the early hours of the morning. A local BBC correspondent reported on a number of emergency vehicles and helicopters.

British Home Secretary Priti Patel, 49, described the move as “shocking”. He called on the people to follow the instructions of the police and remain calm. Opposition Labor leader Keer Stormer, 58, spoke of a “tragedy.”

Local Labor MP Luke Pollard, 41, said on Twitter that the shooting was over. He spoke to the police, who confirmed this to him. Some of the victims will still be treated. “Please be safe, hug your loved ones and keep the victims in your mind,” Pollard wrote.

He then announced that one of the victims at night was a child under the age of 10.

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