November 29, 2022

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"The Daily Show" will go on (on Comedy Central) without Trevor Noah - The Hollywood Reporter

“The Daily Show” will go on (on Comedy Central) without Trevor Noah – The Hollywood Reporter

The daily offer will continue without Trevor Noah.

It says sources close to production The Hollywood Reporter That long late night series will actually go on Comedy Central Despite industry speculation that he could move to the broadcast tape Paramount+ after Noah signs out.

Noah wowed the executives at Comedy Central and Paramount Thursday night with his Advertising He is leaving the show after seven years. Sources say so Chris McCarthy – Paramount CEO who oversees Comedy Central, MTV, and a slew of other cable networks – and staff on the show and higher on set didn’t find out until Noah announced that the host was planning to leave daily offer. Furthermore, McCarthy had lunch with Noah on Wednesday to discuss his future on the late-night show, but the host did not indicate that he would announce his departure the next day.

“I feel like it’s time,” Noah told viewers Thursday night, which has been nearly seven years since the day after Jon Stewart took office. “I spent two years [of the pandemic] In my apartment, not on the road, and when I got there again, I realized there was another part of my life that I wanted to continue exploring. I miss learning other languages, I miss going to other countries and doing shows, I miss being everywhere and doing everything.”

Noah in June extended his option to remain in the position daily offer for another two years. Sources suggest he also had an option for another year which he would take during the 2024-25 season. This made Noah’s decision to leave an extra surprise for everyone in and with Paramount daily supply.

The timing of Noah’s final episodes has yet to be decided, with sources saying those talks are expected to begin this week. once for Noah Log out From daily offer That’s done, McCarthy and executives at Paramount-owned Comedy Central will begin discussing who will take the helm. daily supply.

“In time, we will move on to the next chapter of daily offer And all of our great reporters will be at the top of that list. A Comedy Central spokesperson said in a statement THR.

Comedy Central already has a solid list of daily offer Reporting with the likes of Daisy Lydec, Roy Wood Jr., Ronnie Cheng, Michael Costa and Dolce Sloan.

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as such THR mentioned Friday, Noah is eager to spend more time touring, being among the rare breed of comedians who can sell huge arenas, as well as doing things like podcasting, writing another book, acting, and increasing his contributions as a producer. Noah goes on to strike a deal with Paramount to produce DayZero, and has several projects in the works for the company. Obligation to register daily offer It largely prevented him from becoming more involved with those.