February 1, 2023

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The Donald Trump document reveals startling information

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After his election defeat, Donald Trump wanted to stay in power in radical ways. A previously unknown document reveals startling details.

Washington DC – What drastic measures Donald Trump A new report shows that he is ready to defend his power firmly following the November 2020 election defeat. According to news portal Politico, the White House created a presidential decree at the time that instructed the highest-ranking U.S. military to confiscate all voting machines in the country.

“With immediate effect, the Department of Defense must capture, store, protect and analyze all electronics, equipment and electronically stored information related to the election,” the three-page document, which was submitted to the House Committee on more than 750 filings. Under investigation, Trump fans attacked US Capitol.

Seizure of voting machines: Donald Trump wanted to seize power

The presidential decree, which was never signed, would have given the Secretary of Defense 60 days to assess whether the US election was legal. Donald Trump may have been in power for a long time.

Donald Trump greets soldiers on USS Wasp (Archive photo)

© Eugene Hoshiko / DPA

Donald Trump’s draft order, dated December 16, 2020, also provides for the appointment of a lawyer to prosecute any fraudulent use of confiscated voting machines. The move is justified with a number of conspiracy theories – which have been denied several times – and the voting machines have been manipulated accordingly.

Who wrote the voting machine document for Donald Trump?

It is not clear who wrote the draft. Politico said the proposals in the document were consistent with the ideas of Sidney Powell, a lawyer and QAnon supporter. This observation is supported by the date of the document: Two days later, on December 18, 2020, there was a meeting at the White House, which the American media described as a “bizarre meeting of President Trump.”

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Except for Powell at the time: Michael Flynn, a former national security adviser, Patrick Byrne, a former head of a furniture dealer and a little-known former employee of the Trump administration, Emily Newman. The people were all back then to take drastic measures to keep Donald Trump in power.

Powell said at the beginning of the meeting that Dominion, the maker of the voting machine, had manipulated his own devices to turn Donald Trump’s votes into Joe Biden’s, according to a report on the Axios news site. The company’s move is part of an international communist conspiracy to steal elections for the Democrats. Because of this story, he is said to have recommended declaring a national emergency in the United States.

Expert mocks Donald Trump’s draft order

According to legal expert Lisa Coyote, the draft order issued by Donald Trump “not only abuses emergency powers, but also means a complete misunderstanding of those powers.” It is “the equivalent of a child writing on a wall with crayons,” he said. To politics.

Donald Trump and his allies continue to spread unsupported claims that massive electoral fraud has robbed him of a second term. However, many Republican voters still believe in conspiracy theories. The former US president has taken legal action against the release of these documents. He suffered a clear legal defeat in the Supreme Court this week.

These documents include notes from Donald Trump’s staff, emails and lists of people who met or invited him on Capitol Storm Day, and notes made during those conversations. Among other things, the Commission of Inquiry wants to use the documents to uncover the exact background of the January 6, 2021 attack on the Capitol. (DVD / AFP)

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