December 4, 2022

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The end of the ISS? Russian space chief intimidates NASA astronauts

Incredible track record!

Dmitry Rokosin, 58, the head of the Russian space agency Roscosmos, has heavily attacked former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly, 58 – and threatens the fate of the International Space Station ISS!

Rogosin scolded the American astronaut, “Get lost, you idiot! Otherwise you will be responsible for the death of the ISS!”

How did the explosion come about?

Rokosin shared a video on Twitter from Pykonor Cosmotrome in Kazakhstan, from where the ISS is provided. The video shows workers hoisting several state flags, including the US flag. Moscow has previously added these countries to its “enemy list”. Rokosin wrote that missile rockets would be beautiful without these flags.

American astronaut Kelly responded in Russian: “Timon, without these flags and the coin they bring, your space program would be worthless.

Note on international sanctions severely affecting Russia’s economy.

Rogosin threatened Kelly with the decision of the ISS and deleted the tweet shortly after. Kelly asked why he deleted the tweet, after which Rogos complained about Kelly’s “address”. Then the head of the Russian space agency actually went back:

“Perhaps the dementia and aggression you have created is the result of the overwork and stress of the four planes in space. I invite you to take an exam at the brain agency of our federal agency for medicine and biology.

Rogosin then pointed out that Russian astronaut Anna Kikina, 37, would not take part in the NASA SpaceX Crew-5 flight scheduled for September and stopped Kelly.

By: Before the Russian Roscosmos boss exploded in anger, the world was even better on the ISS: four NASA astronauts, two Russian astronauts and a German astronaut Matthias Maurer are currently researching the ship at the station.

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