September 29, 2021

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The father runs the farm on the son (3)>

08. August 2021 – 7:19 Clock

Mom’s touching words “The good guy who always smiles”

One cannot imagine this family experiencing indescribable suffering. 3-year-old Iando Jenkins was playing with his new bike at his parents’ dairy farm in Clinderwen, an English village in Pembrokeshire. When his father wanted to leave the yard with a pickup truck with a trailer, he did not see the little one and rolled over to him. Ianto did not escape the accident. Now Yanto’s mother Chloe is releasing a heartbreaking post about her “good guy who always smiles”.

“Parents should not lose a child”

“He’s an inspiration to life, he’s a good boy who always smiles and smiles,” said the emotional words of mother Chloe Picton, posted on Facebook by the Defeat-Bows Police. “His best friend is his older sister Seren. He never left the page.” Ianto wanted to go to kindergarten and was already waiting for his first day of school in September, Mom said. Her son also wanted to live on the farm and drive a tractor with his father.

“Iondo and I had a very strong bond. He was ‘Mom’s little boy’ and always by my side.” But, according to Chloe Picton, it was now taken from her. “Parents should not lose a child.” Her wish is that people should give their families a place of peace and mourning in this very difficult, heartbreaking time.

Grandmother defends father: “No one blames”

Iyengar’s grandmother spoke with “Sun” to make it clear that her son Iyengar’s father Gutto was not guilty after the horror accident. “It’s not anyone’s fault. Ionto was playing with his new bike in the back yard. My son did not know he was there,” explains Meiner Jenkins.

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Gudo Jenkins never saw his son. “He heard his car hit something, and when he stood up and looked outside, Ianto was lying motionless on the floor,” Grandma said. “It’s depressing. Poor Gudo, I do not know how to live with it. He is completely devastated.” (And)