December 6, 2022

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The federal government examines arms supplies from Estonia

Estonia wants to supply arms to Ukraine. But since the Howitzers originally came from GTR shares, the federal government had to agree first. After the initial siege, he is now investigating the case.

One is being investigated by the federal government Estonia Applied for approval to supply arms to Ukraine. This is necessary because howitzers from GDR old stock were first sold conditionally to Finland and then delivered from there to Estonia.

“No decision has been made yet,” said Christian Hoffman, a deputy government spokesman in Berlin on Monday. “In this case, it’s not about German arms supplies, it’s about arms supplies from Estonia,” Hoffman continued. The result is still pending.

Arrangements for Russian intervention

Hoffman said the federal government has not changed its position on arms exports and the export of dangerous weapons, especially to Ukraine. “Given the conflict in Ukraine, it does not approve the supply of weapons of war. It certainly sees allies having a different position and dealing with it differently.”

When asked if Ukraine could trust German weapons during the Russian invasion, he said the German government precisely wanted to prevent such expansion.

“In the event of Russian intervention or infiltration into the Ukrainian border, the German government, along with its allies, is preparing a series of measures that we will not discuss in detail here.”

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