January 28, 2023

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The gunman catches several hostages in the synagogue

In South America, a person catches several hostages during a service at a synagogue. No one has been reported injured so far.

A man was taken hostage Saturday at a synagogue in the US state of Texas. Police in Coleville announced on Twitter that special forces had been mobilized. He called for the evacuation of the area around the synagogue in the small town about 40 miles[40 km]west of Dallas.

According to the “Dallas Morning News”, the police held talks with the hostage. The newspaper quoted a police official as saying it was not clear how many people were in the building. Accordingly, there is no evidence of injuries in the synagogue.

In a live broadcast of the church’s morning prayer streaming on Facebook, a man’s voice asks his sister to call. He was also heard saying “I’m going to die” and “something is wrong in America”. Police and the city government initially did not respond to an AFP request for further information about the incident.

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