December 5, 2022

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The heat wave in Europe is heading west: the next holiday destination is now threatened by more than 40 degrees

Greek firefighters tried to put out the blaze

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The heat wave continues to hold some countries firmly in its grip. This is causing major problems in Southeastern Europe. Now the temperature may continue to rise elsewhere

MUNICH – The weather in Germany has caused heavy rain and flooding over the past few days and weeks, but it has presented a completely different problem to countries in Southeastern Europe. Due to the high temperatures, fires broke out in many places and to this day the people of the Balkans, Greece and Turkey are not only fighting wildfires, but also struggling with dehydration and heat-related circulatory problems.

Greece and Turkey in particular have been hit hard and all the fires have called on the people of Athens to stay in their homes and keep the windows closed and smoke out. This weather is caused by, among other things, a hot wind from the south Shiroko Is called. It carries the heat of the Sahara across the Mediterranean and then strikes the affected countries.

Thermal logs are possible. Elsewhere, the weather is getting worse

Especially at the beginning of a holiday in Bavaria, when many vacationers head south, one hears negative news from popular holiday destinations. But now it looks like the heat wave will continue across Europe. The warmer weather will now spread westwards and hit Spain and Portugal. Here, too, temperatures above 48 degrees are possible, surpassing the record set in 1977 in Athens. Spain and Portugal have already battled great heat and fires near Barcelona for the past few weeks and the southern part of Italy has yet to escape.

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The scorching heat in the south. Flooding in the north

It is not yet clear whether the heat will penetrate further north and therefore reach Germany as well. Cold winds from the north are initially expected to bring at least a short gap to countries affected by the heat. The weather service “Kachelmannwetter” announced on its Twitter page that rain and thunderstorms in southern Germany are expected again next weekend. The long-awaited summer is still a bit long.