November 26, 2022

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The hostages in the Apple Store – the criminals demanded 200 million euros

Armored vehicles and heavily armed special forces were stationed in Amsterdam for several hours on Tuesday as hostages were captured. Police abruptly ended the play.

The incident of being held hostage at an Apple store in Amsterdam ended miraculously by police on Tuesday. Dutch police say the culprit was hit by a car and detained (In the video above or Here). The hostage, the Bulgarian, behaved like a “hero” and was safe.

The accused was first taken to hospital, but later he died without treatment. “I can confirm that the person died at the hospital tonight,” prosecutors’ spokeswoman Franklin Whatimena said Wednesday night.

From Amsterdam The hostages demanded மில்லியன் 200 million in cryptocurrency, officials said at a news conference Wednesday night. The hostage, a Bulgarian citizen and four people who had been hiding in a cupboard without the hostage’s knowledge are safe and apparently unharmed. “The restrained and decisive action of the police is commendable,” tweeted Dutch Minister of Justice Dylan Yesilkos-Jegerius. “It prevented the worst.”

Police raided apartments

In his view, the Bulgarian “played a kind of heroic role,” said Amsterdam Police Chief Frank Pav. “In an instant he escaped from the hostage situation.” Pav stressed that otherwise it would be “an even longer and worse night”. Previously, many people were able to leave the store of the American electronics company Apple in Leitzeplin, the center of Amsterdam, which is very popular among tourists. When investigating a crime, the police now want to consider “all options related to the purpose.” The house of the hostage and another house where he often stayed were searched.

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The crime left the people of Amsterdam in a state of panic for almost five hours. The gunman stormed an Apple store at 5:40 pm and took him hostage. Pictures and videos of a man in a camouflage dress inside the store threatening another gunman with a gun were shared on social media. Eyewitnesses also heard several gunshots, according to media reports.

The suspect may have had no explosives on his body

Police later said: “We know there were no explosives on the suspect’s body and paramedics are now treating him.” Leidseplein, where the store is located, has been removed and rounded up, and theaters and cafes in the square have been closed. Armored vehicles, heavily armed special forces and helicopters were parked for hours.