January 28, 2023

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The hurricane blows through the Czech Republic: many dead, dozens injured

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Hurricane drags through Czech Republic – “This is hell on earth”

The hurricane killed many and injured dozens, with significant property damage

The hurricane killed many and injured dozens, with significant property damage

They are: pa / dpa / CTK / Sitar Marek

A hurricane wreaked havoc in the southeastern part of the Czech Republic, killing and injuring people. Local politicians say the roads have been completely destroyed – and the government is considering sending troops.

D.A hurricane killed several people Thursday in the southeastern part of the Czech Republic. A regional emergency services spokesman said dozens more were injured. “Unfortunately, we can confirm that there were casualties, but we are not in a position to provide the exact number.” Estimates are quick to make because people are still trapped under the rubble of collapsed houses.

He added that the death toll could be in single digits. He estimated the number of injured “from 100 to 150 children to the elderly”. The hurricane deviated from the path of catastrophe and devastated entire homes in the region around the city of Hodon on the Czech-Slovak border.

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Video recordings of Hodon distributed on the Internet showed destroyed buildings and cars, uprooted trees and many fires. According to its own information, Hodon’s hospital treated nearly 200 of the injured. Ornaments the size of a tennis ball pierced the area. In Hodonin, a retirement home and zoo were damaged by the storm.

Disaster caused by Hurricane Hodon in the Czech city

Disaster caused by Hurricane Hodon in the Czech city

What: pa / dpa / CTK / Vaclav Salek

Hruzki’s mayor told the Czech news agency CDK that half the village had been leveled. There were power outages and traffic delays in large areas of the region. Transformed power pylons blocked a central motorway connection between Prague and the Slovak capital, Bratislava. “This is hell on earth,” Regional Governor John Crowlich said after visiting the site.

“All available rescue teams have been stopped or are moving to the Hodon region,” said Interior Minister John Hamasek. On Twitter. A search and rescue team specializing in rescuing people buried under the rubble is also on duty. The government is also considering maintaining a military presence. Aid was also coming from Austria and Slovakia, according to rescue workers.

After the EU summit on Thursday, Prime Minister Andrzej Babis was forced to stay in Brussels because of the storm that swept across the Czech Republic, making it very dangerous to land on a plane in Prague.

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