December 5, 2022

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The landing of the Ryanair in Belarus was forced: it was on secret paper – politics abroad

Every day, the fabrication of Alexander Lukashenko’s lies collapses a little more. Now the dictator is facing dire consequences.

All the “evidence” presented by the Belarusian head of state (in office since 1994) in the kidnapping case of regime critic Roman Protestantism is false: there were no bombs and no emergency on the Ryanair Boeing. The “rescue operation” was a malicious ambush.

The conversion of the engine to Minsk, it is now clear, is the result of the cunning manipulation of a rogue state. Historically unprecedented attack on domestic aviation in Europe.

Alexander Lukashenko, dictator of BelarusPhoto: – / dpa

The expansion is noticeable

The international outrage is huge. Ignoring sanctions and air travel are only the first steps. Expansion can actually be predicted.

In an internal note to the B-built cockpit crew, Ryaner described the incident as “unacceptable” and “should not be repeated.” The letter was signed by Neil McMahon, the operations director in charge of all Ryanair airlines.

Das Ryanair-Memo

Das Ryanair-MemoPhoto: Ryanair

The crew of the Boeing 737-800, which was flown on a flight from Athens to Vilnius, is said to have provided the company with a “complete report” on the events.

It obviously has it all.

Irish Airlines The EU Commission has links not only with the European airline ISA, but also with NATO.

The hijacking of dictator Lukashenko’s is at least unofficially a case for the Defense Alliance!

This is also supported by reports from commercial pilots, according to which the British Royal Air Force’s Boeing RC-135 Rivet joint reconnaissance aircraft was said to be passing through Poland and Lithuania on Thursday.

Russia wanted to force Air France flights over Belarus

Russia has also been increasingly involved in the conflict over the abduction of Belarusian regime critic Roman Protestantism, which has been sinking for days. Air France had to cancel several flights to Moscow.

Ason Reason: Russian Air Surveillance placed the recommended entry point exactly on the border with Belarus – the French would have had to cross Belarusian airspace, thus undermining their government bypass.

So the planes were on the ground, just as an Airbus from Lufthansa subsidiary Austrian Airlines had done. Instead, Dupolev of the Russian Special Air Force landed in Minsk on Thursday evening, owned by the navy of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It took off from Moscow-Vinukovo airport and was one of three Kremlin flights in total, landing in Minsk within hours with two Dupolevs and one Ilyushin II-96.

“Serious threat to civil aviation”

Meanwhile, the Canadian-based World Aviation Organization (ICAO) has launched an investigation into the Belarusian attack on civil aviation. ICAO President Salvador Siachidano had previously called the incident an “obvious and serious threat to civil aviation.”

On Thursday evening, after an emergency meeting, the organization announced it would launch a formal investigation. The Swiss e-mail provider Proton had previously announced that the email submitted by Lukashenko with the Hamas bomb threat was sent just 24 minutes after the Ryanair jet RYR1TZ changed course.

The pressure on the dictator is increasing. A race against the rule of the regime critic Roman Protestantism. The journalist has moved on from his illegal arrest last Sunday He was imprisoned in the notorious Pishchalsky Fort torture prison The worst is yet to come, despite all the global opposition.

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