December 7, 2022

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The missile in Poland was Ukrainian

Polish daily Gazeta Wyborcza has published an exclusive report explaining the background to the alleged rocket explosion in Poland.

November 16, 2022, Przewodow, Poland: Poland has put some of its armed forces on high alert after an explosion in a village on the border with Ukraine killed two people.Michal Dyjuk/AP/dpa

Polish left-liberal newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza On Tuesday afternoon, Poland published an analysis explaining how the explosion could have happened A crashed rocket had caused The report broadly confirms that the missile that fell over Poland, killing two people, was an anti-Ukrainian missile designed to deter a Russian attack. It missed its target, exploded and accidentally ended up in Poland.

Polish officials already knew it was an anti-Ukrainian missile on Tuesday evening. But they preferred to wait for more information from the US. At the time of the accident, Joe Biden was sleeping because he was at the G20 meeting in Bali, so there was no disturbance in making decisions, according to the report.

Did Zelenskyj want to exploit the situation for his communication goals?

Volodymyr Zelenskyy informed Poland in this regard. It would be a Russian missile. That’s why Poland wanted to wait with clarity. Zelensky has long clung to the theory that it was a Russian missile. According to the report, he wanted to use the situation for his communication goals. According to the daily newspaper, Polish President Andrzej Duda wanted to spread the word that it was indeed a Russian missile, but he was slowed down by Polish security sources. It wasn’t until Joe Biden gave the public the all-clear the next morning that Polish officials concluded it was an errant Ukrainian missile. Andrzej Duda contradicted the report on Twitter, saying the reprints were false.

On Thursday, Ukraine’s president changed his mind. “No one in the world is 100 percent sure of what happened in Poland, and neither am I,” Zelensky told attendees at the Bloomberg New Economics Forum in Singapore.

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