February 1, 2023

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The Omigron ring tightens

Fourteen people have died in the UK from being affected by the Omigran variant. The virus is spreading rapidly in other European countries as well. Governments already had to abandon their regulatory strategy.

Germany is in the middle of a fourth wave – and the risk of a more contagious Omikron variant is increasing. More and more cases are being registered, including a meeting of the Security Council in Puntestock. Read more about this here. Robert Koch has already spoken out in favor of maximum contact restrictions, On Tuesday, President Scholes and the prime ministers of the federal states decided to take drastic action..

Currently the number of corona may decrease temporarily. At least a glance at other countries where the Omigron variant has already established itself gives an idea of ​​this.

France fears 100,000 infections a day

According to one expert, the omigran variant of the corona virus is already high in the Paris area. “Omikron is spreading very fast in Île-de-France. We estimate that the Omikron variant already exists in Paris and its environs,” Guillaume Rozier, a data expert at the French Ministry of Health, told FranceInfo on Tuesday. Station.

The French government is planning an extraordinary cabinet meeting to convert the health passport into a vaccine pass earlier than originally planned. This is similar to the German 2G rule. To participate in public life in the future, a negative corona test may not be enough.

Government spokesman Gabriel Attle said after a video conference with Prime Minister Jean Costex that “the Omikron variant is coming”. Atal said that perhaps ten percent of cases across the country are due to Omigron. In Paris, this is at least a third of the cases, he added.

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Nationwide there are currently 537 cases per 100,000 people within a week. According to the website covidtracker.fr, which estimates official figures, it is more than 1,400 in Paris for people aged 20 to 39.

Considering the spread, the French government warns of a massive increase in new epidemics. Health Minister Olivier Veran told broadcaster BFM television that their number could soon rise from about 70,000 new cases a day to about 100,000 new infections a day in France. Omikron is the dominant virus variant in early January.

However, the government is not currently planning any new regulations. He sets the pace with booster vaccines to keep the virus under control. “The goal is not to reduce the spread of the virus, because the variant is highly contagious. The goal is to control the risk of flooding in severe cases in hospitals,” says Warren.

There are 14 Omigran deaths in the UK

According to the government, 14 people have died so far in Great Britain in connection with the Omigran variant. In addition, 129 Omigran patients are currently being treated in hospitals, Health Secretary Gillian Keegan told Sky News. If the data situation makes this necessary, the government will not hesitate to tighten corona restrictions if necessary.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Tuesday that no new restrictions would be introduced before Christmas. The situation is very difficult, however, the government will have to act after the holidays.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the highly contagious Omigron mutant is the corona variant that now dominates Great Britain. The number of new infections on the island has risen sharply recently.

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Denmark is experiencing more new epidemics than ever before

The Omigron variant already dominates Denmark. The public health agency now considers Omigran to be a “management and growing diversity”, Danish Health Minister Magnus Hyunik said Tuesday on the online service Twitter. The number of new infections rose to 13,558 in a single day.

Scandinavia has a population of only 5.8 million. The federal government and the Robert Koch Institute declared Denmark a high-risk area on Friday. Compared to a European, the country has the highest number of seven-day events in the entire economy.

The fact that Omigron will soon be the main variant of the corona virus in Europe can no longer be avoided.