February 4, 2023

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The Princess of Wales tells young fans her kids got “a lot of nice things” for Christmas

Kate tells young admirer George, Charlotte and Louis that she got up early on Christmas Day and got ‘so many nice things’ – while William jokes that ‘they’ve had enough presents’

  • Kate Middleton talked about Christmas Day with a good guy yesterday
  • The little girl, named India, gives flowers to the princess outside Sandringham
  • The princess said she had a “beautiful day” and thanked her for the gift

The Princess of Wales shared with a young fan that her children “got so many lovely things” this Christmas but “a very early start”.

When the royal family joined King Charles yesterday for a walk outside Sandringham Abbey, Kate was seen chatting to a young girl about her day so far.

The young fan, named India, is depicted presenting the princess with a bouquet of flowers, for which she is thanked.

Kate went to ask India: “Did you have a nice morning?”

India replied, “Yes, isn’t it?”

Then Kate said, “I had a lovely morning – thank you very much – I got off to a really early start this morning.”

Another audience member is heard jumping into the conversation to ask, “Did the kids get too many nice things?”

“They’ve got so many beautiful things,” said the princess, before walking off.

It was also claimed that Prince William commented on the baby gifts when speaking with fans today.

Hilary Marsh, 71, from Suffolk, said: “I asked William if Father Christmas was for kids and he smiled again and said, ‘They have enough presents.’”

Princess said:

“You’ve had a lovely morning,” said the princess, “thank you very much—I got off to a very early start this morning.”

William and Kate’s three children were also on the walking tour and chatted with well-wishers from members of the public after their traditional church service on Christmas Day on their Norfolk estate.

George, nine, Charlotte, seven, and Louis, four, also received some presents from those waiting outside at Christmas.

Mrs. Clarke, who was among the crowd, gave each of the three children a new toy called Gunk – a festive gnome in a pointed hat. She also gave flowers to Kate.

George, nine, Charlotte, seven, and Louis, four, joined their family for the tour

George, nine, Charlotte, seven, and Louis, four, joined their family for the tour

Prince Louis holds his mother's hand during a run, holding a toy in the other

Prince Louis of Wales looks on at the crowd that gathered to welcome him and the rest of the royal family on Christmas Day

Mrs. Clarke, who was in the crowd, gave each of the three children a new toy called Gunk

I found it so wonderful to meet William and Kate and their three children.

“I love them down to bits, especially the kids, and the kids are great,” said Mrs. Clark.

“Prince Louis – I love Louis. He’s always rude, like Louis, but I love him.”

And Louis seemed to enjoy the attention, getting so engrossed in it that at one point he had to run to catch up with his older sister, Charlotte.