February 4, 2023

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The Red Sox did not make a "competitive offer" to Xander Bogaerts

The Red Sox did not make a “competitive offer” to Xander Bogaerts

Teams as diverse as the Padres, Diamondbacks, Dodgers, Twins, Orioles, Phillies, and Cubs have been linked to Xander Bogaerts So far this winter, and the list of suitors can extend far beyond these teams. Peter Abraham from The Boston Globe Reports indicate that between eight and 11 teams have expressed interest in the Bogarts, yet the Red Sox weren’t.are in that pool as of Sunday afternoon.” According to two sources, Bogart’s former team has yet to make a “competitive offer” to re-sign.

Perhaps this relative lack of interest on Boston’s part is a little surprising, given what Chief Baseball Official Chaim Blum said. multiple Occasions Retaining Bogart is one of the team’s top priorities. However, as Abraham notes, there have been plenty of signs that the Red Sox have fully committed to keeping the All-Star, from offering to extend a low ball last spring to the team signing a Trevor’s story Last offseason as a backup plan apparently for shortstop should Bogaerts leave.

While it’s clear that a front office can work on multiple things at the same time, it probably also tells us that the Sox have been largely focused on other roster areas so far in the offseason. Red Sox Make a big push to sign Jose Abreu Before landing Abreu in Houston, she is among the Many teams interested in Mitch Haniger. Boston too exploration Wide range of rotation options for spinners and bullpens, and the Sox have already made two notable additions in relievers Chris Martin And the Julie Rodriguez. That’s not to say the Red Sox couldn’t make an offer for Bogaerts at any point, but it just seems like it would have to be a very big offer to beat out the many other teams that have shown a much more direct interest.

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There wasn’t much sign that the Sox could turn out to be one of the other free agent shortstops (Tria TurnerAnd the Carlos Correaor Dansby Swanson) instead of Bogaerts, and the team might use a combination of Story, Enrique HernandezAnd the Christian ArroyoAnd the Jeter Downsand newly acquired Hoy Park To handle my site I inscribe the middle. long-term, Marcelo Mayer It is a future Boston mansion, prospects Rafaella sedan He could also be a factor in shortstop or other positions after breaking out the 2022 season in A and Double-A highball.

Bogarts turned down Boston’s qualifying offer, and since the Red Sox are over the luxury tax in 2022, their compensatory pick (should Bogart sign elsewhere) won’t fall until after the fourth round of the 2023 draft. It wouldn’t be a consolation prize for one of the best players in the game. recent franchise history, especially since exceeding the tax threshold didn’t even result in a winning record for the 2022 Red Sox.