February 4, 2023

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The removal of abuse in the American university: the professor who showed the picture of Muhammad – removed! | Politics

American professor Erica Lopez Prater (42) carefully prepared her students to show a picture of the Prophet Muhammad in her curriculum. Nevertheless, he has now been fired from his job at Hamline University in St. Paul (Minnesota).

Works from the 14th century show them “New York Times” As part of his course on global art history. Apart from the Prophet of Islam, the students also saw a picture of Buddha.

Lopez asked, according to the newspaper report Ask her students first to contact her with any concerns. No one reported. On the day of the assignment, he told the students that the picture of the Prophet would be covered in a few minutes. Anyone can go.

Then Lopez showed up See picture – She lost her teaching position.

The professor taught at Hamline University in St. Paul (Minnesota).

Photo: Shutterstock/Sam Wagner

“Blame” – the students later complained

Reason: A student in the course later complained to the administration. Other Muslim students who did not join the course supported him. They said the lessons were an attack on their religion – and demanded consequences. Because: Many Muslims always consider images of the Prophet as “blasphemous”.

Later, the university administration in an email to students and faculty described the incident as clearly Islamophobic. López Prater was informed that his services would no longer be needed for the coming semester.

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Also: The president of a private university with 1,800 students signed off on an email saying respect for Muslim students “must take precedence over academic freedom.”

The professor’s ouster sparked a huge debate in America. Speaking at a town meeting, a Hamline University religion professor said: “There are many Muslim scholars, experts and art historians who don’t believe Islamophobia.”

A Muslim speaker replied that there are extremist voices on every issue. He also evaluated the activities of the professor. Then he tried a ridiculous analogy: “You can teach the whole class why Hitler was good.”

However, the fact remains that this work is constantly debated in art history seminars.

The prestigious writers’ association PEN America criticizes: “If these reports are correct, Hamline University has committed one of the worst violations of academic freedom in recent memory.”

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