February 2, 2023

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The Republic of Moldova and Gosprom came to an agreement

The controversy threatened to escalate, but now the parties have agreed: Gosprom is extending its distributions to the Republic of Moldova for five years. There is talk of “mutually beneficial words”.

Republic Moldova And Russia Agreement was reached surprisingly quickly on their most recent gas dispute. Distribution agreement with Russian state-owned company Cosprom A spokesman for the Moldovan government made the announcement on Friday evening.

Negotiations in the Russian metropolis over the Baltic Sea saw prices and debts owed by Moldova to Russia. St. Petersburg Agreements have been reached. Gosprom confirmed the contract extension and spoke of “mutually beneficial terms”. Further details were initially unknown.

The previous agreement between the impoverished former Soviet republic of Moldova and Gosprom actually expired at the end of September, but was later extended for another month. During the negotiations there was a major dispute recently – after all, gas prices are high from Moldova’s point of view, and Chisinau did not recognize the Russian repayment claims for more than $ 700 million for Moldovan loans.

Moldova declares state of emergency

Considering the dramatic energy situation, Moldova recently imposed a one-month state of emergency. It was feared that people in the crisis-stricken country, which relies on Russian gas, could sit in the cold for the winter. The ME Pledged additional aid of 60 million euros.

Moscow Always sees himself in criticism Kremlin Reward good-natured countries with cheaper gas prices. Even when negotiating with the boy Republic of MoldovaSent to EU member Romania Following the pro-Western trend since the transfer of power, critics have questioned Russia’s political intentions. Significantly lower wages under the Chisinau Moscow friendly government last year – albeit at a much lower world market price.

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The Kremlin, on the other hand, denies such allegations. Moscow recently points out, among other things, the current high demand for Russian gas and the global rise in gas prices.