October 6, 2022

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The result of a better Call Saul was getting great reviews for AMC

The result of a better Call Saul was getting great reviews for AMC

Bob Odenkirk

Bob Odenkirk
picture: Greg Lewis (AMC/Sony Pictures Television)

with the end The best of Saul on demandVince Gilligan and Peter Gould can stop Albuquerque intimidation With their public propaganda to break the law and corruption. But at the end of the day, Saul He never incited the same passionate, loud, and obnoxious fan as Too badso maybe theres Least to worry about. The internet didn’t permeate the early 2000s with dumb memes of a man in a porkpie hat declaring that he was the one to knock. you did not Fan campaigns incited sexism who – which The show maker still feels bad about it. In short, Rhere maybe It will not be a statue of the infamous ambulance in front of the court.

For everyone Hard-line arguments made by Bob Odenkirk over the years, Saul Start Main stream cracked In the same way as before. What can? at the time of its end, Too bad it was fendiNg of exaggerated thinking pieces declaring it the greatest TV show ever. Too badThe silly little lawyer about the lawyer wandering on the show couldn’t live up to those expectations, even as he approached quietly Exceed they.

Still, the show’s ratings were pretty good, man.

According to AMC, the final The best of Saul on demand It was the most watched episode of the season, with over 1.8 million viewers watching it Jimmy McGill’s last groovy watch is on the air. This was the highest number of viewers the show had received since the end of Season 3, supposing the theory Michael McCain was probably the Pied Piper on the show, blowing the flute and driving fans to AMC. The best of Saul on demand It also ranked third in overall ratings in adult cable shows, behind Yellowstone And the walking dead.

The show was also good in broadcastwhere is she “He was the number one takeover driver in AMC+ history,” wrote AMC’s publicist. aF Of course, the history of the AMC+ spans generations, even eons, after it was launched a full two years ago. the most important, Despite this, over four times as many viewers watched the finale on AMC+ on the day it aired From watching the season premiere in the spring. the network also acknowledge That period Saul Very popular, but failed to catch up the walking DeadShow, like his titular characters, will never die.

All in all, this is good news for anyone who thinks AMC is One of the last strongholds of goodness adult tv on the primary cable. If AMC or FX pulls HBOWe’ll be sol.

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