December 5, 2022

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The Russians call the talks with the United States a failure: is there a war going on in Ukraine? – Politics abroad

The Ukraine conflict of 2022 is a slow reminder of the Cuban missile crisis of 1962: Russia did not refuse to station its troops in Cuba and Venezuela!

துணை Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryapkov told RTVi: “Everything depends on the actions of American colleagues.” There are currently no new talks with the United States on the Ukraine crisis. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov spoke of “a serious conflict on the world stage.”

Russia says US military presence in Europe is a threat to its security. Representatives of 30 NATO countries held talks with Russia on Wednesday. The Kremlin said this week’s talks had “failed”.

Is war a threat?

Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko has criticized the German government’s stance on the conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Germany “is reluctant to give us defensive weapons for fear of further provoking Putin. This situation is difficult to understand.

Negotiations between the US and Russia over Ukraine’s security without Ukraine’s direct involvement are “slapped in the face”. Klitschko reiterated to the BILD: “We are very concerned about the Russian aggression against our country. We have been discussing war and peace for months, but Ukraine is not at the table of international negotiations. How can that be?”

Kiev Mayor Vitaly Klitschko (50)Photo: ddp / Ukrinform

Lack of modern defensive weapons could prompt Putin to launch more aggression against Ukraine. Because the following applies: “The Russian government, Russian President Vladimir Putin, is taking advantage of every weakness in the West.” And: “We can not fight against the highly armed forces with pillows!”

The ruling party SPD sees things differently. Secretary-General Kevin Kühnert has said Russia should not “talk about potential international conflicts” over damaging its controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. And SPD parliamentary group leader Rolf Mützenich even demands in the “taz”: “We need a European peace order that includes Russia in the future.”

Klitschko added: “If the United States and Europe allow Putin to invade Ukraine, he will not stay in Ukraine. Then Putin will turn his attention to the Baltic states. After all, Putin never hid his view of the collapse of the Soviet Union as a political tragedy for Russia.

Now Ukraine is forced to defend its presence.

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