December 5, 2022

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The Taliban say Afghans could leave the country in the future

Since the Taliban came to power, thousands have wanted to leave Kabul. In the end, however, the Islamists did not want to let Afghanistan into the airport. A senior leader has now announced other plans.

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One TalibanAccording to the Fூரhrer, Afghans could easily leave the country in the future. “If they want to go abroad for work or improve their lives, they can then apply for a passport, get a visa and leave the country legally,” Taliban Vice President Mullah Jacob told the official Taliban channels on Tuesday evening (local time) in a widely used audio interview. No one will stop them. Being as confused as it is now is a problem for everyone.

Since the extremist Islamic Taliban came to power, they have been playing at the airport in the Afghan capital Acceptance Confusing scenes. Thousands of people tried to leave the country on the departure plane. Above all, former government officials, members of the security forces, human rights activists or staff of local forces and foreign armed forces and organizations fear the Taliban’s retaliation. Many were killed in the rubble in front of the airport entrance.

Execution reports

The vast majority of people at the airport want to leave the country because of their fantasies, “said Mullah Jacob.” They were not there to escape the Taliban regime. There have been credible reports of retaliatory measures against A Mass executions have already been announced to the public.

Mulla Jacob said that serious discussions were going on regarding the formation of the government. There is a delay in forming a government because you want to be more precise. The country’s system must represent all citizens in order to avoid problems in the future.

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