February 1, 2023

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The Taliban will not let anyone out in a week – Kabul death trap – foreign policy

Taliban terrorists do not want a citizen to leave the country! His spokesman Jaibullah Mujahid told a news conference yesterday. We will not allow them to leave the country.

Should the now-trapped Afghans be liberated militarily from the Taliban – perhaps by Western Special Forces commando operations to retake the city’s most important points from Kabul airport (see map)?

Experts agree: Only Americans are capable of this. But they not only had good experience in such commando operations: in 1993, special forces with the most modern military equipment (including the famous Black Hawk helicopters) were stationed in the Somali capital, Mogadishu. 19 Special Forces die – a shock to the nation, the mission was even filmed on the big screen in 2001.

Will Kabul also become a battlefield now?

A Taliban spokesman said yesterday that only foreigners would be allowed to leave. Does this also refer to twins? Not clear yet! At the time of going to the press, the Federal Foreign Office was unaware that dual nationals with German passports could not pass through Taliban checkpoints yesterday.

At the same time, the Taliban again demanded the withdrawal of all foreign forces by August 31.

Issue: It is becoming impossible for all Americans to leave the country, except for local Afghan workers who previously risked their lives for Germany.

President Angela Merkel (CDU, 67) said after the virtual G7 summit that US President Joe Biden, 78, had not given a new date for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. But she still could not say exactly what “over time” meant.

Photo: info.BILD.de

Biden warns of growing terrorist threat at Kabul airport Every day you stay for a long time is another day of attacking a branch of the Islamic State extremist organization Islamic State in the capital of Afghanistan. There is a “risk of serious and growing attack”.

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Biden said in Washington on Tuesday (local time): “We’d better shut it down soon.”

In simple language: Deportation in Afghanistan ends on August 31. And the one who is not deported is in the death trap.

Merkel stressed the importance of cooperation between the G7 nations – especially the role of the United States. “Without the United States, for example, we would not be able to continue the expulsion campaign,” Merkel said.

The Bundeswehr flight from Kabul will end on Friday, according to a Business Insider report. Citing information from the Ministry of Defense and the Foreign Office, it is said that the last flight from Kabul will fly to Tashkent on that day.

However, at this time, Merkel says, “in addition to German citizens, of course, local staff and sometimes local staff from other countries” are still being evicted. “But especially people who are committed to human rights, including women.”

The G7 group is currently working on a schedule for meetings with the Taliban.

Once the evacuation work is completed, a new phase begins “for which we are already very actively preparing locally”.

Over ︎ Then after the work is completed, make sure that “if possible, local personnel and people in need of protection can still leave the country”. The operation of a civil airport also plays an important role.

Minister of Defense Annegret Cromb-Karenbauer (59, CDU) said: “We absolutely need a solution and agreement with the Taliban beyond the real expulsion mission on the issue of ‘safe conduct’.”

Recovering Kabul?

Former U.S. intelligence chief Michael Brigand told BILD that the United States and its allies must retake Kabul (see map) and the Baghram air base to continue the evictions, even against the Taliban’s wishes. Problem: It needs at least 10,000 US troops!

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Every day there was the threat of kidnappings and attacks by the Taliban, al-Qaeda or the regional ISIS branch.

A suicide mission …