December 9, 2022

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The three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on Saturday 15 October 2022

In perfect timing with the universe, today becomes a full day Comfort and refresh your cup So you have more to offer others.

The upcoming solar eclipse and new moon push Scorpio like a wave closer to you and into your life, but even in the rising tide, you trust today that there is a purpose for any pause.

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October was set to be a month of energy change as the planets began to shift head-on, kicking off a new sidereal cycle and inviting you to set out on your own.

However, even in modernity, there is a divine pace to be embraced.

today is Moon returns to Cancer Because it positively connects to Mars in Gemini and asks you to slow down and make sure you take care of yourself today.

The Moon is in its home in Cancer, which means that it feels strongly that it strongly urges you to reconnect not only with your physical home but also with the one you have within yourself.

Cancer is a water sign that rules motherhood, family, and a home space that feels nurtured and satisfied.