December 10, 2022

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“The time for locking is over”: Chancellor Kurs: The epidemic is over for those who have been vaccinated

“Lock timed out”
Chancellor Kurs: The epidemic is over for those who have been vaccinated

President Kurs announced that the corona epidemic was over for the vaccinated people in Austria. If the health system is to come to its limits, the ÖVP politician says the restrictions will only apply to those who have not been vaccinated. He expects the virus to last for many more years.

According to the President of Austria Sebastian Kurz, the corona epidemic practice for those who have been vaccinated is over. In the ORF summer speech, the head of government rejected the locks on all citizens according to the previous model. “People who have been vaccinated will definitely no longer be locked out,” Kurz said Monday evening. He wants some restrictions on freedom as much as possible. According to him, this means “the time of the lock must be over”.

In addition, seven-day events should no longer be the norm for any restrictions in Austria. Instead, bed rest in the intensive care unit should become the new leading indicator for outcomes. In the event of an overload of the health system, access to nightclubs and major events, for example, will be restricted to those who have not been vaccinated. “Before an area is completely covered, I want it to be open to people who have been vaccinated,” Kurz said.

The conservative politician was relaxed when it came to the question of declining desire to be vaccinated. “We cannot eliminate all fears.” It is clear that everyone who is not vaccinated will sooner or later become infected with the corona virus.

The growing fourth wave will not be the last, Kurs said. “This virus will be around for ten more years.” It is usually difficult to predict the further course of the infection. “If there is a variant that is not covered by the vaccine it will push me out of balance. Or if I see massive vaccine improvements.”

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