December 1, 2022

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“The time may come”: British considering delivery of main battle tanks

“The Time Will Come”
The British considered the main battle tank supply

Chancellor Scholz has so far refused to provide tanks to Ukraine, saying Germany will not go it alone. This argument will soon count – Great Britain can well imagine such support.

The British government has proposed supplying Western main battle tanks to Ukraine. “There may come a time when we do that,” UK Foreign Secretary for Europe Leo Docherty told the Funke media group newspapers. “What Ukraine needs in the short to medium term is a fully modernized military. I see much more intense and long-term security cooperation between the United States and Europe and Ukraine in the future.” Chancellor Olaf Scholz has so far refused to deliver key battle tanks such as the Panther 2 to Kiev, saying Germany “doesn’t go it alone”.

Given the increased Russian drone strikes, Great Britain wants to help Ukraine in a targeted manner. “We are developing a package to equip Ukrainians with special military capabilities against drone attacks,” Docherty announced. “We would like to express our gratitude to Germany for providing the IRIS-T air defense system to the government in Kyiv,” underlined Docherty, who represents the Conservative Party in the British House of Commons. “This is a major contribution to Ukraine’s defense capability.”

The war in Ukraine has brought Britain closer to the EU, Docherty insisted. “The war has brought us all closer together – not just the UK and the EU, but all the West has come together.” This includes curbing Russia and China, who want to use force to expand their influence in the Western Balkans. “Here Britain is working with the EU.”

An outstretched hand to Europe

Docherty attended the Western Balkans Foreign Ministers Summit in Berlin on Friday. The British government had announced that it would host the next summit of the enlarged European political community in London – the first summit was recently held in Prague. “We are very interested in multilateral European forums like this,” said Docherty.

Britain’s Europe minister looks relaxed on the recently hotly contested Northern Ireland protocol question. London initially wanted to renegotiate the deal agreed in the wake of Brexit, which included border controls between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. “We desperately hope for a compromise that takes into account both the interests of the people of Northern Ireland and the rules of the EU internal market,” Docherty said.

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