February 3, 2023

Raven Tribune

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The United States wants to supply modern anti-ship missiles to Ukraine

It is learned from US sources that during the NATO summit in Brussels in March, the issue of supplying anti-ship missiles to Ukraine was discussed. They have started work on it. ‘ In April, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky called on NATO members to supply horn to Portugal. There is also the Bundeswehr Armed Forces.

No one wants to be the first

According to locals, there are now several states that are in principle ready to send such missiles to Ukraine. However, if the warship is sunk by a missile owned by that country, no one wants to do so in the first place for fear of a Russian reaction. One of the government officials told Reuters there is now a “well-off” country that may be ready to deliver first. Then other states can follow.

According to previous US reports, there are many obstacles and concerns over the transfer of more powerful and long-range weapons to Ukraine. These include long training sessions, difficulties in maintaining systems, and concerns that the Russian armed forces may catch them. There is also an increased risk of conflict. For example, since the Harpoon is not really intended to shoot down the ground, there are technical issues as well.

The U.S. Senate passed the $ 40 billion package

The package also includes $ 9 billion worth of weapons for the U.S. Armed Forces after sending large quantities of weapons to Ukraine. Nine billion dollars has been set aside to maintain government functions in Ukraine. In addition, the United States is providing additional funding for humanitarian assistance.

In mid-March, the US Congress approved $ 14 billion for Ukraine. Then, in late April, President Biden approved an additional $ 33 billion in funding for Congress. However, MPs went further and expanded the new aid to $ 40 billion. The aid package was passed last week in the House of Representatives and now in the Senate.