January 28, 2023

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The video shows fire officials investigating

Hundreds of people were evacuated due to several fires on the Italian Adriatic coast. Firefighters have already been punished elsewhere in the country – and now there is a similar suspicion here.

Authorities are investigating after hundreds of people were evacuated from Campomarino Lido on the Italian Adriatic coast. Fire. There is strong suspicion that this is a planned act, Donado Toma, head of the small area of ​​Molise, told the Ansa news agency on Monday. There were so many fire accidents that it was impossible to think of anything man-made. The fire spread Sunday through vegetation in the Adriatic city, threatening homes, hotels and camps.

Near the Italian municipality of Montessori, it is about 50 kilometers away Naples According to Reuters, Carabinieri has already arrested a firefighter. In the video above or Here With the help of a match you can see him burning a fast growing fire.

Further Sicily Police arrested a firefighter, according to the Adnkronos news agency. Authorities arrested the man in the Sicilian city of Gomerta.

The heat wave is approaching

Before approaching Heat wave Up to 45 degrees Celsius on the big islands in the coming days, the Italian Civil Defense has warned people of fire accidents. In a YouTube video on Monday, a civil defense official said, “If you see a fire, call the fire department immediately.” Under no circumstances should people try to put out a fire, but rather flee.

Fighting fire is very dangerous. The Power Also be warned not to throw away cigarette butts as they can easily catch fire due to drought.

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