December 10, 2022

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The war in the middle of Europe? Threatens escalation of conflict in the Balkans – 24-hour final warning to NATO

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The conflict on the border between Kosovo and Serbia will escalate. Serbia prepares military units for war

The situation on the border between Pristina – Kosovo * and Serbia * is deteriorating. Kosovar Serb citizens have been blocking two border crossings for two weeks. This was reported by Serbian state television RTS. After the Kosovo Special Police Unit stopped Rosu at the affected border crossings, the Serbian military units stationed near the Serbian border were put on standby. The international community is also wary.

Tensions were raised by the control of the Kosovo government in Pristina, according to which license plates from Serbia will no longer be allowed to be used in Kosovo. Thousands of Kosovars in the Serbian area around the town of Kosovska Mitrovica in northern Kosovo use vehicles with mainly Serbian license plates. This measure also applies to travelers coming from Serbia. According to the new government, these will have to exchange Serbian for temporary Kosovar license plates at the border.

Border tensions: Kosovo-Serbia conflict at increased risk

The background to the controversy is that Serbia did not recognize the license plates introduced by Kosovo after independence was declared in 2008. The government should be seen as the government’s belated reaction in Pristina.

Kosovo seceded from Serbia in 2008. However, the Serbian government has not yet recognized independence and treats Kosovo as a separate province. As an ally of Serbia, Russia does not recognize the independence of Kosovo. However, most Western countries, including the United States, have done so.

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One week ago, the Kosovo Special Police Unit used the license plate to enforce the regulation at the Rose border crossings, Jarinje and Brunjok. Since then, protesters have been blocking major roads leading to Mitrovica. In response, Serbian President Alexander Vui put the Serbian military units stationed near the border on alert.

Serbian military units preparing for war: Military aircraft near the border

Vosic made the decision after a “provocation” by special forces in Kosovo, according to the Serbian Defense Ministry in Belgrade. Serbian military planes flew several times near the Kosovo border. Vjsosa Osmani, President of Kosovo

NATO and the European Union are concerned about the current developments between Serbia and Kosovo. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg * and EU Foreign Representative Joseph Borel * called for regulation and expansion from Serbia and Kosovo. Both Serbia and Kosovo need to resolve their issues through diplomatic channels. They made the announcement in a statement issued in Brussels on Sunday. Borel insisted that the special police force be withdrawn immediately. “And any provocation or unilateral and uncoordinated action is unacceptable,” he said.

NATO and EU warning: Vusic is said to have issued a final warning

Stoltenberg announced on Twitter that the conversation between Belgrade and Pristina was important. He spoke privately by phone with the Serbian president and Kosovo Prime Minister Albin Kurti on Sunday (September 26). According to the Serbian media company தஞ்சை Vusic is said to have issued a final warning to NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg.

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He would like to “wait 24 hours” to see how NATO will react if “there is a massacre against the Serbs.” In addition, he is said to have said: “If the massacre of our people continues, Serbia will react and will not allow it”. According to information from ARD Vusik reportedly told NATO Secretary General that Kosovo would be ready for talks only when it withdraws its police units from the border.

The end of the conflict is not in sight at the moment: Van der Leyen is expected in Kosovo

However, the situation is currently invisible. On Monday (September 27), Belgrade moved four armored vehicles to the Kosovo border, according to a press release from the Agency France-Press news agency. The Nazo-led Kosovo-led KFOR force announced that it was closely monitoring the situation in Pristina in accordance with its UN mandate “to ensure a safe environment and freedom for all population groups in Kosovo”. KFOR’s regular patrol has been strengthened, including in northern Kosovo.

EU Commission President Ursula van der Leyen is also intervening in the crisis. He is expected in Kosovo on Wednesday. Tensions with Serbia will also become an issue at the Balkan summit of European leaders and governments on October 6. (dpa / afp / at) * Is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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