December 10, 2022

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The White House plans to open borders: soon only vaccinated people will be able to enter the United States! – Politics abroad

Holidays in the United States? In the future, this will probably only be possible with the corona vaccine.

The United States plans to reopen its borders – but only to fully vaccinated visitors. Washington “is developing a gradual approach that, over time, foreigners traveling to the United States – from any country – should be fully vaccinated,” a White House official said Wednesday. There will be “limited exceptions”.

The officer did not give a deadline. The task force dealing with this issue is “Create a policy to switch to this new organization in a timely manner”.

It was only at the end of July that White House spokeswoman Jen Zaki, 42, insisted that entry restrictions on travelers from Europe and other countries would not be lifted for now. In a fair way, he noted the fact that the highly contagious delta variant of the corona virus is spreading “here and abroad.”

The United States banned citizens of the European Union, Great Britain, China and Iran a year ago. Other countries, including Brazil and India, were later added. U.S. entry restrictions apply to students, journalists and business people.

The European Union lifted entry restrictions for U.S. citizens in June and urged the US government to comply. Businesses and couples separated by regulations are also demanding the lifting of the U.S. entry ban. When Chancellor Angela Merkel (67, CDU) visited Washington in mid-July, she called for its cancellation. President Joe Biden, 78, promised a speedy review of the rules.