January 28, 2023

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There were actually many Tyrannosaurus Rex

D-Rex Skeleton: The research team used a formula commonly used to calculate the population density of living animals today (index figure). (Source: Age Photostock / Image Images)

Dangerous, Fast and Agile: The Tyrannosaurus Rex is probably the finest dinosaur. But how many were there in total? Researchers have now found an answer.

One of the most famous can be found through the fossil finds Dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus rex, has already been well researched. However, it is not yet clear how many animals lived in the world. A research team from the University of California at Berkeley came to the bottom of this question.

According to the scientific journal “Synex”, they use a formula developed by the American ecologist John Damood, which can be used to calculate the population density of animals living today. It is the population density of an animal species, the function of an animal’s body weight, its position in the food chain and its physical position – the facts on which it is located. T-Rex Adequate answer has already been given.

Considered Dinosaur Rex It has been around for about 2.4 million years, and according to the research team there must have been a total of about 2.5 billion models in the world. However, the research team insisted that this was only an average value. Determining a more accurate number should now be the task of further calculations.

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