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Third Democratic Debate Portrays Warren, Biden and Sanders as Top Preferences

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The Democratic debates have played an important role in shaping the US politics amid the wave of 2020 presidential elections. The third Democratic debate that took place on Thursday at Texas Southern University in Houston, focused heavily on the health care policies and gun control practices that have been in criticism from months and is one of the top concerns of the Democratic voters.

Throughout the debate, former Vice President Joe Biden was continuously targeted for his policies. The former State Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Julián Castro, who was criticized for his manner of questioning Biden, accused the latter for contradicting his words in the debate and even slammed him for embracing his role in the Obama administration.

While Castro’s rivals’ campaigns called his attacks on Biden as “disqualifying” and a “low blow”, the former covered his statements saying, “This wasn’t about personalities. This was about a difference in health care policy.”

Though Biden’s health care plans were also a source of criticizm in the Second Democratic debate that took place in Detroit, he still remains one of the top preferences of the Democratic voters.

Moreover, Biden engaged in strong controversial debate with Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders on topics related to health insurance. Biden, who understated the cost of Medicare for All, criticized both Sanders and Warren for not describing their appropriate paying plans for the healthcare policies.

While criticizing Sanders’ plan during the third democratic debate, Biden said that it would, “eliminate all out-of-pocket expenses, all deductibles, all co-payments”, stressing on the fact that none in the country would pay more than $200 a year for prescription drugs.

Former US representative Beto O’Rourke, who was also one of the 10 Democrats participating in the third Democratic debate, brought concerns over gun control legislation. In a closing share, all the candidates were asked about the professional setbacks that affected the Democrats’ lives. Some shared about their personal lives while others talked about what they learned from resilience, disclosing about the El Paso mass shootings.

The Democratic contenders were also asked questions on how to end racism in the country. Throughout the debate they put weigh on education policy. Both Sanders and Warren brought up their support for canceling student loan debt.

Moreover, the issue of climate change was another important aspect that was being pressed throughout the debate. Kamala Harris accused the opposition for showing “lack of courage” on the climate change issue.  

It appears that the third Democratic debate ended on a good note for some of the candidates like Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders as at least half of the Democratic likely voters are considering them as qualifiers for the race ahead. While the rest of the candidates have to perform their best in the next Democratic debate that would likely take place in October.


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