November 30, 2022

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Those in the Donbass between hope and despair

Updated 06/01/2022 at 13:12

  • Russian forces are advancing little by little in eastern Ukraine.
  • The people living there have hope and fear – just like the Ukrainian armed forces.
  • After all, they are waiting for the heavy weapons of the West. Will these come at the right time?

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Their city is in ruins, most of their neighbors have fled, and the fiercely competitive front is some ten kilometers away. However, Valentina Price is doing what she needs to do at this time of year: weeding her flower bed. “I keep trying to keep going,” says the 71-year-old retired doctor from Barwinko with a smile. “This war will end, but life will go on forever.”

In the small town to the east only the very poor or the sick are still waiting Ukraine Out. The streets are empty and the Ukrainian soldiers patrolling are nervous.

The elderly have fond memories of the time when Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union. Bryce loves Russia, but with his cousins Moscow She does not speak anymore – because they do not want to believe what the Russian war is doing.

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Battle of Donbass

The invasion has become a battleground. The destruction is enormous, but the Russian military is making little progress. Now Moscow is concentrating its attacks on industrial areas in the east. Large parts of the city of Zhivorodonetsk are already under Russian control. It is feared that thousands of families will be stranded in the basement without access to water and medicine.

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Military observers believe that Russian troops would like to use Siverodonetsk and the neighboring city of Lyczynsk as outposts to advance further west.

Success in the attempt to capture Ukraine’s eastern administrative center, Gramadorsk, appears to have been moderate. “Russian troops have not made any progress on other axes for weeks, and most have not even made the effort,” the US think tank for war research said.

Territories of Ukraine are occupied by Russian troops. (Warning: This chart will be updated regularly)

© dpa Infographic GmbH

We expect arms supplies from the West

Ukrainian soldiers in the front line are expecting new precision weapons that can strike the Russians from a great distance. “When you realize that there is a heavy weapon behind you, spirits arise,” says one soldier who calls himself Lushni. . “Otherwise you sit in the abyss and look at the horizon.”

On Tuesday, the United States announced that it would now supply several rocket launchers to Ukraine. US President Joe Biden wrote that “the Ukrainian military will be able to more accurately attack important targets on the battlefield.” However, he added: “We do not encourage or enforce action against Ukraine beyond its borders.”

“Ukraine can trade time in the Donbass without significantly affecting its strategic position,” says Rob Lee of the Foreign Policy Research Institute, an American think tank. “But it is important that Ukraine does not allow its forces to encircle.”

How long is it under Ukrainian control?

Such strategic military considerations were of little use to Yevgen Onyshchenko. The 42-year-old plumber looks at the ground-floor window of his Lyciansansk apartment and wonders who controls the surrounding streets.

“We don’t know anything,” he says, gratefully accepting the bowl of soup cooked over the open fire in his backyard. “We see some cars with Ukrainian flags, so we still think they are Ukrainian,” says Onishchenko. “But otherwise we are stumbling in the dark.” (Dmitry Zaks / afp / mf)

According to a media report, NATO did not expect the war in Ukraine to end any time soon. In a related statement, the “Business Insider” portal referred to the paper as classified as a “secret”.