February 1, 2023

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Thousands of Afghans may come: EU avoids accepting refugees

Thousands of Afghans may come
The EU avoids accepting refugees

Flights departing from Kabul are over as EU foreign ministers worry about the escape of thousands of Afghans. The main goal is to prevent migration incentives. Interior Minister Seahofer also sees an opportunity for the EU.

For now, the EU does not want to make firm promises to accept people from Afghanistan. “Incentives for illegal immigration should be avoided,” it says In a statement adopted at a special meeting of Home Ministers. In light of previous experience, the EU and its member states are determined to prevent the recurrence of large and unregulated illegal immigration movements.

This refers to the so-called refugee crisis in 2015/2016. At that time, millions of asylum seekers came to the EU. In Germany alone, about 1.2 million people applied for asylum for the first time. Many of them are from Syria, where the civil war began in 2011.

To avoid similar developments after the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan, we need to ensure adequate security for the people in the vicinity of Afghanistan. In addition, targeted information campaigns against stories of kidnappers have been cited as an appropriate tool. Afghans in need of protection should only be resettled if the EU countries voluntarily provide them with accommodation.

Seahofer wants to prevent the “absorption effect”

When asked about Germany’s potential involvement, Union Home Minister Host Siehofer pointed out that the Federal Republic has always been involved in related efforts. However, he did not want to make any specific promises. “I don’t think it makes much sense for us to talk about numbers here because numbers naturally trigger something,” the CSU politician said. One does not want to induce a “pulling effect” (sucking effect).

The CSU politician criticized his Luxembourg colleague Jean Assalborne, who sometimes threatened to block the EU declaration. “Mr. Assalborne needs to look a little more closely at the problems that exist in the major countries in the European Union,” he said. You are not talking about a few hundred people, but about thousands who are already in Germany. Luxembourg should show a little more interest in the major receiving countries. Finally, after the EU Commission promised to convene a new settlement in September, Azelborn gave up. Countries there promise to accept a certain number of people who need protection.

Is there any hope for European asylum policy?

Seehofer sees opportunities for reform of EU asylum policy in the current development: “I think the awareness that it is advisable to adopt a common asylum policy in Europe is growing week by week”. And: “I hope it comes this year and next.” Over the past few years, all attempts to reform European asylum and migration policy have repeatedly failed.

The question of whether protection seekers in crisis situations should always be distributed through allocation by member states has always stuck. Current Dublin rules state that, as a rule, the EU government is responsible for applying for asylum on the ground that the person seeking protection first entered European soil.

This particularly affects countries such as Greece and Italy, the outer borders of the Southern EU. They have long demanded more support and the forced distribution of immigrants between other countries. States such as Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland, on the other hand, flatly reject compulsory accession.

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