October 1, 2022

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Three models in Kabul: “We want to leave Afghanistan” | Politics

Just before the fall of Kabul, they walked the catwalks and presented the latest clothes. This is now unthinkable under the rule of the radical Islamist Taliban. Now the girls are hiding from the Taliban, no longer allowed to go to school and fear forced marriage.

Afghanistan has become a prison for many of them. They cannot leave without a visa, escape is possible only illegally, but it is life-threatening, especially for women.

BILD am Sonttag met the three models in a secret location in the Afghan capital. Read what these three women experienced and what they have to say to Germany.

Freshta: “I haven’t seen my parents in months”

Freshta (21) does not have the money to arrange an expensive escape (approximately 10,000 euros).


“I feel very bad leaving my apartment in the center and always running, always in other apartments, especially outside of Kabul. Mostly with friends, some of whom have fled. There are weeks when we sleep in three different places.

We should always be careful about who we meet in the neighborhood and who might give us away. It’s a very bad feeling. Even the confusion doesn’t help as the documents are being verified. I haven’t seen my parents in months because I don’t want to put them in danger.

I don’t feel at home anywhere anymore, there’s no chance. I don’t see that the Taliban have changed, they are all lies. When they captured Kabul, we were promised that we could go to school. All of these were not recovered.

My dream is to work somewhere again and learn something. I would have to run away for that, but I don’t have the money and it would cost up to 10,000 euros to escape. Where will the money come from?”

Farzana: “I’m afraid the Taliban will catch me”

Farzana (20) dreams of becoming a nurse in Germany.

Farzana (20) dreams of becoming a nurse in Germany.


“Only two years ago I was chosen as Miss Afghanistan and all doors were open to me. Now, two years later, everything is different: I am not allowed to study, not work, nothing.

I’m afraid the Taliban will come and get me, of course. That’s why I hide with my girlfriends.

I wish Germany would be willing to take us in! Escaping illegally across the border is very dangerous, but we didn’t get a visa. I finally want to live again!

My two brothers left Afghanistan and are now in Turkey and they sometimes try to support us and send money. My parents live in Kabul but I can’t see them anymore because everyone knows we were models. My father tried to help us, but so far without success.

If we ever make it, I’d like to be a nurse, but I don’t know if that’s possible again in my life.”

Latifah: “I will not go on the street now”

Latifah (22) was not allowed to work as a model or teacher under the Taliban

Latifah (22) was not allowed to work as a model or teacher under the Taliban


“I loved working as a model, that was my big dream. When the Taliban came, everything ended at once: we immediately had to run to other residences, and we were changing our location because there were spies everywhere.

We previously got our place in a modeling agency in the middle of the city and some of the models fled to Iran.

I don’t go out on the street now because the checkpoints and the Taliban will arrest us and then force us to get married.

Here the day has become very boring, we are always in the same room, drinking tea and waiting for the next day. Nothing can be done anymore because everything is dangerous.

I hope to escape one day. The biggest problem is food and money: my uncle sends us something, and last month we had 260 afghani (equivalent to three dollars). I wanted to be a teacher in Afghanistan, but even that was completely impossible under the Taliban.

Photo: BILD

This article is from BILD am SONNTAG. An ePaper of the full issue is available Here.

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