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Shouldn’t DNC be Blamed for Tom Steyer’s Campaign Aide Stealing Volunteer Data?

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When 62-year-old former hedge fund manager Tom Steyer announced his 2020 presidential campaign, everyone was taken aback. The move was opposite to his former statement, wherein he claimed to “dedicate 100% of time and effort in 2019” to get the US President removed from the office.

With this change in stance, he managed to grab not just media attention, but also some Democratic supporters. However, things don’t seem to be working out for Steyer as he is still struggling to leave an impression on the minds of American during the campaign rally.

Tom Steyer is trailing behind many key Democratic hopefuls in a list of donors attracted to campaign, even though he announced two key policies during his campaign: Need To Impeach, and NextGen America – a policy to tackle climate change.

With Steyer making it to the last three positions of Democratic hopefuls in almost every poll conducted by media and polling channels, there was a wave of concern regarding the future of the campaign.

However, the Steyer campaign is now once again in limelight but for the wrong reasons. As per the South Carolina Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Dwane Sims, a campaign aide of Steyer’s 2020 Campaign, stole highly important volunteer data collected by another hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris’ Campaign authorities.

Sims was able to access the confidential details of the Volunteer Data by using the credentials of an account from his time working with the South Carolina Democratic Party. Moreover, it was Sims who brought the issue of being able to use account of state party in notice of the DNC, as per the spokesperson of Tom Steyer Campaign.

Everyone has been holding Sims responsible for illegal access to confidential voter’s data, while the DNC should have revoked the access of the account as soon as Sims left the South Carolina state Democratic Party.

Additionally, the delay to revoke the access of the account, which the DNC claims to be only of three minutes, is something to worry about the security of the voters’ data and raises questions over the diligence of the DNC.

Even though Sims is at fault, considering the unreliable stance of the DNC towards the security of voters’ data, it seems that the DNC is at fault as much as Sims. As per the sources, Sims had resigned from the campaign, when the news began to spread like a wildfire.

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