January 30, 2023

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‘Totally destroyed’: Russian elite force wiped out in Ukraine

“Totally Destroyed”
Russian elite force destroyed in Ukraine

At the beginning of the war, the 200th Rifle Regiment for the Kremlin is about to capture the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. But the attempt fails. After about seven and a half months, nothing was left of the association.

The 200th Independent Motorized Rifle Corps was one of the most experienced and well-equipped units in the Russian Army. Stationed in the Murmansk region, they guarded a Russian nuclear arsenal on the Finnish border. However, after being transferred to Ukraine, the regiment reportedly suffered heavy losses, which according to a report “The Washington Post“Practically “shut down”. In its research, the newspaper relied on, among other things, internal Russian documents, interviews with brigade members and reports from Ukrainian troops who confronted the association.

Accordingly, at the beginning of the Russian invasion, the 200th tried in vain to capture the city of Kharkiv. But already on the first day of the war, units of the brigade were caught in a Ukrainian ambush. Dozens of soldiers were killed or wounded and equipment including tanks and mobile Krat rocket launchers were destroyed. The regiment had already moved back to Russia in May. According to internal documents, fewer than 900 soldiers remained in the two tactical battalion groups at the end of May. According to Western experts, the Union went into battle with 1,400 men.

“Unit is faulty”

In the summer, the regiment was reinforced by a “mixed volunteer battalion” from Murmansk. Among the newcomers were sailors and logistics specialists with little or no ground combat experience. Experienced soldiers and industry officers who went into battle in state-of-the-art T-80 tanks at the beginning of the war gave way to a group of poorly trained fighters who were forced into service with poor or outdated equipment, writes the Washington Post. .

“The unit is in disrepair,” a platoon soldier told the newspaper. He and the new recruits were initially shown “painted helmets from 1941 and protective vests without plates”. “They don’t even train us. They tell you: ‘You’re a gun now. Here’s a machine gun.’

After returning to Ukraine, the 200th Rifle Brigade was surprised by a Ukrainian counterattack in the Kharkiv region in September. The Union is said to have again suffered heavy losses, particularly in the battles for the city of Kubzhansk. In October, the remnants of the association moved to positions in the Luhansk region.

“There’s nothing in this army”

After pulling out of the Kharkiv region, only fragments of a platoon remained, bearing little resemblance to the veterans who left for Ukraine seven months earlier, Ukrainian Lt. Col. Pavlo Fedoshenko said. Washington Post”. “There is nothing left of this squadron,” he added. “She is completely destroyed.”

Western security officials share the assessment. A top European intelligence official told the newspaper that it will take years to rebuild the association as many industry players and top officials have fallen.

According to the Washington Post, it is difficult to determine the exact losses of the 200th Regiment because the association does not release any figures. Nevertheless, there are indications of how badly the Legion was decimated. In late August, regional authorities in Murmansk passed a law providing free meals to schoolchildren whose father or mother was killed or injured in Ukraine. According to officials, 1,274 children are eligible for free meals.

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