September 24, 2022

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Tough but fair: “Direct confrontation between NATO and Russia is a decline in World War III”

“The kids are in shock,” Isabel Shayani told the Hart aber Fair on Monday evening. “They have realized that their parents can no longer protect them.” She was connected from the Polish-Ukrainian border and was completely shocked to see her encounter with refugees at the site.

“I do not understand,” she repeated. “These people are completely lost, these people are war veterans. Most say they are not refugees, they are travelers. His statement has touched many online, and it has had the same effect in the studio.

German-Ukrainian advertiser Marina Weissbond broke down in tears when she reported on the situation in Ukraine. Since the outbreak of war, he has been trying to stay in touch with family and friends from his home country.

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She gets a lot of help from Germany and she can not continue: “But it’s just a link to people who are losing everything now,” he says. “Now that we see these people, we understand their stories, and I hope we never meet people who run away without remorse.”

In addition to Wisebond, former Brigadier General Eric Watt, federal leader of the Green Party Omid Nouripur, journalist and former Moscow correspondent Kessin Tornblut and political scientist Christian Hague will discuss the program on Monday evening.

“I’m at home, I’ve in my country, I’m not leaving here”

The conversation about refugees from Ukraine is also emotional for Green politician Omid Nouribur. “For a lot of people, it’s shocking again. I grew up during the Iran-Iraq war.

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Above all, he stresses that federal and state governments must now find a solution to quickly provide housing for refugees, taking into account factors other than the drastic number of family members already living in Germany.

“But people need to be hired,” Casey Tornbloud said. Refugees must recognize their qualifications quickly and unofficially, and be able to quickly make themselves useful in Germany.

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He also maintains contact with former interviewers in Ukraine, some of whom had previously left the Donbass and now have to move out of their new homes.

However, for Marina Weisspond’s family in Ukraine, escaping is not currently an option: “My aunt: ‘I’m at home, I’m at home, I’m in my country, I’m not leaving’ ‘.

On the contrary, she and her family are preparing for the worst – there is no petrol already. Yet they would always make fun of us, Weissbond said: “Then they say: ‘Oh, you know, Uncle’s ability to hear is so hard, he turns the TV so loud, we can not hear the scenes”.

Disagree with analysis: Journalist Gesine Dornbluth (left) and former Brigadier General Eric Watt

Source: WDR / Thomas Ernst / © Thomas Ernst

Given the plight of the local population, questions from many observers revolved around future dealings with Russia. Omid Nouripur, who sits on the bandwagon for the Greens, cannot rule out military action, but it is clear: “The direct confrontation between NATO and Russia is a slip into World War III.”

In particular, retired Brigadier General Erich Watt openly warned against military intervention. “We have to show Putin the boundaries and make it clear to him that the NATO alliance will not allow such things to continue,” he said. War should be threatened as a real option, but it should only happen in extreme emergencies.

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Two "Mick29" On May 21, 2003, Jack Pompey said goodbye from the lodge with a plane on board the 6th Army Air Force Regiment 73. "Hungry wolf".  As part of a family day for relatives, the Bundeswehr site in Hohenlockstein (Steinberg district) says goodbye.  The regiment will be disbanded in 2004 after 44 years.

Instead, Watt and The Hague agreed that the West should be given more choice to engage in dialogue. Watt insisted that nuclear weapons had previously been threatened when they were “usually in a state of disrepair.”

That is why we must be careful not to use “exclusive” language: “We can not find a military solution,” he said. “We need to find a political solution. If we call Putin a maniac, that is not possible.”

Political scientist Christian Hague: A neutral Ukraine solution?

Political scientist Christian Hague: A neutral Ukraine solution?

Source: WDR / Thomas Ernst / © Thomas Ernst

Political scientist Christian Hague went one step further. Putin “haunted” in the West: “he’s a brutal Machiavellian. But he acts rationally in his view,” he said. The potential for a peaceful Ukraine would have been neutral Ukraine from the beginning. “Free between East and West. People like Henry Kissinger and Helmut Schmidt said it.

This is exactly what the Chinese Foreign Minister said at the last Munich Security Conference, and Haig insisted that no one from the West recommended it.

Hague criticized US President Joe Biden for openly signaling to Putin that he did not want to interfere: “This is a call to action.” But if the EU member’s application is accepted, it is important to give Putin an option to end the conflict and save face by further escalating the conflict, for example with a neutral Ukraine outside the EU, Hague said.

“We do not want war, but we already have war.”

“Ukraine neutralized in 2014, but it was attacked,” Kessin Tornblut responded. “Putin does not want a neutral Ukraine, Putin wants to annex Ukraine.” Weisspond stressed that Putin’s justification for war was “a story he would tell to the West” and that “by banning Ukraine from EU membership it would not fix anything.”

Omid Nouripur repeatedly stood up to Watt and Hawke during the show: “If Putin calls the president tomorrow, of course a conversation will be sought immediately,” he said. “Of course we have to talk to him. He denies constructive discussions.”

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Rosvativ Mayor Roman Cider: "They will save us no matter what happens"

But that was not enough for Eric Watt: “We are not Europeans,” he said. “Our telephone diplomacy is absolutely symbolic. Putin responds to military force.” However, he did not specify exactly where the line would be drawn.

When asked by Casey Tornblut whether NATO should consider non-flying zones, he almost seemed to agree. “It cannot be done with Russia. It clearly indicates war.” Tornblut responded by throwing the question into the room: “We don’t want a war, but we’re already at war,” he said.

However, Wiseband also spoke out against the non-flying area, although the Ukrainians he was in contact with begged for it. He said that if Europe went to war with Russia, it would not help rebuild Ukraine or make it a refuge. Nevertheless, he also sees the need to remove Putin from the “face-saving” crisis.

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Chernihiv, famous for its beautiful monasteries, was completely destroyed

Report by Chernihiv

Here too the circuit did not come to a public section. According to Tornblut, Putin will not be ousted for long, and few oligarchs have distanced themselves from him. Haig stressed that one in Germany sees only parts of the Russian opposition. “We see the opposition movement,” he said. “But we do not see how many Russians support this seed until they appear to be doing well.”

At the end of the show Marina Weissbond found clear words: “We can not only show toughness militarily, we can show toughness economically above all else,” he said. “We are still paying for a portion of the bombs that fall on Ukraine.”

During the broadcast, news broke that Putin was threatening to cut off gas supplies via Nordstream 1. He added: “If Putin threatens to shut down my gas, we will look for another source of energy. But I must trust that it will be economically difficult for Putin or his St. Petersburg allies to continue to run this country.

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