December 9, 2022

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NFL: OCT 16 Bills at Chiefs

Travis Kelsey on free cap space restructuring: I think there’s something in the air

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the bosses restructured tight end Travis KelseyContract this week in a move that created $3.455 million in ceiling space by converting a portion of his salary into a signing bonus.

On new heights audio notation Which Kelsey hosts with his brother Jason, the tight party discussed restructuring. Kelce said he didn’t hesitate to say yes when his agent called him about the Chiefs’ plan because it allowed him to get paid right away and gave the team’s cover space to use to improve this season.

Kelsey said he thinks the restructuring is “the beginning of a movement” because the team won’t give him money up front out of kindness. he said I heard the chatter On the interest in the wide future Odell Beckham Jr. would welcome him as a member of the squad, before adding that he’s unsure what the team might be planning.

“I Wanna They have to come trueKelsey said, via Kansas City Star. “I didn’t hear anything. I didn’t hear anything in the locker room or anything around the facility.” But I think there was definitely something in the air. And if that means OBJ. . . well now.”

There is no deadline for signing free agents, but the NFL deadline is November 1, and that should motivate chiefs and other teams looking to boost their roster before the playoff kicks off.

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