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Troops land at Wunstorf after a mission in Afghanistan – Nachrichten – Lower Saxony

As of: 08/27/2021 10:14 p.m.

After the expulsion mission in Kabul was over, the Bundeswehr soldiers returned to Germany. All three planes landed at Wunstarp on Friday evening, slightly later than originally planned.

The first engine arrived at the airport in the Hanover area at 7.46pm, and the other two left a few minutes later. Initially, Bundeswehr announced that two A400M aircraft and the Airbus A310 would arrive at 4 p.m., and then at 6.30 p.m. According to reports, the departure was delayed due to differences with the Uzbek side, the German press agency said. After landing at OneStarp, the returning emergency services were brought to their homes by bus. Among them are paramedics from Seidorf in the district of Rottenberg, and paramedics from Leer in eastern Frisia.

Cramp-Karenpower pays tribute to “incredible achievement”

Defense Minister Cromb-Garenbauer openly praised the soldiers for their work.

In addition to the veterans of the mission, Defense Minister Annegret Cromb-Karenbauer (CDU), Armed Forces Commissioner Eva Hoeck and General Inspector Eberhard Sorn of the Bundeswehr are Germany’s top soldiers. They are Thursday evening Went to TashkentThank you to the soldiers involved in the mission in Afghanistan. After landing, Cramp-Karenpower paid tribute to the efforts of the forces involved. “We all have our full confidence in men and women and I can only say that they have accomplished this,” the defense minister said. “I am very grateful to them for that. All of us in Germany are very much indebted to them.” Soldiers and emergency services achieved incredible things and saw incredible things. “It will take a long time to process all of this,” said Cramp-Karanpower, who thanked Brigadier General Jens Art with warmth and warmth.

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Big thanks from the federal leader

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier thanked flight attendants for their commitment: “Our country is proud to think of you,” Steinmeier wrote on Facebook and Instagram. “Thank you for your courageous commitment to the most dangerous mission – the brutal attack on Kabul airport that showed just how dangerous it is. Together with our allies you brought thousands of people safely from Afghanistan.”


Brigadier General Art issues a statement at the airport in Wunstorb.

5 min

In return, Brigadier General Jens Art emphasizes the “excellent team performance” that made this task possible. 5 min

Defense Minister: 5,347 were evacuated

According to the German Armed Forces, about 600 emergency services are involved in “the largest military evacuation operation in the Federal Republic.” The Defense Ministry said on Twitter on Friday morning that the evacuation operation in Kabul was “very dangerous”. Eleven days later, there was air traffic between the Afghan capital and Uzbek Tashkent on Thursday. Completion. According to the defense minister, 5,347 people were deported from at least 45 countries, including about 500 Germans and more than 4,000 Afghans.

37 departure flights from Kabul Airport

The Armed Forces said it was moving 24 hours a day with A400M transport aircraft between Kabul and Tashkent. There were 37 planes in total. Paratroopers, Special Forces commanders, police officers, crisis support teams, paramedics, military police, air force personnel and other experts from all parts of the Bundeswehr were stationed at airports in Germany, Tashkent and Kabul. Another A400M fitted in the flying intensive care unit, which will last a day in Tashkent, “can support US forces if needed,” the defense minister said via Twitter. The local minister decided.

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The federal government should allow asylum seekers to continue to leave the country

The last take-off has been feared for days by terrorist attacks by the “Islamic State” (IS) in front of the airport in Kabul on Thursday. Numerous Afghans and 13 American soldiers Were killed, US President Joe Biden announced the assassins Threat of revenge. The attacks “made it clear that it was not possible to extend operations in Kabul,” Cramp-Karenbauer said Thursday. According to the Federal Foreign Office, the federal government has continued to say, “We have a special responsibility to ensure the safe evacuation of the people of Afghanistan, even after the airlift is over.” The Central Foreign Office estimates that more than 10,000 guaranteed people from Germany are staying in Afghanistan. According to a spokesman, 300 of them are still German citizens.

Additional information

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