January 28, 2023

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Trump defeat in Supreme Court – Hundreds of documents released

Donald Trump fought in court to seal documents related to the attack on Congress. Currently the former US president has suffered a clear defeat in the Supreme Court.

Former US President Donald Trump has failed in the Supreme Court in a controversy over the release of documents related to the Capitol storm. The Supreme Court On Wednesday evening (local time), with a majority of eight of the nine judges, he rejected Trump’s urgent request to prevent the documents stored in the National Archives from being handed over to a parliamentary inquiry.

The committee is investigating the US Congress storm a year ago. Following Trump’s provocative speech, Biden’s supporters besieged the U.S. Congress seat in Washington on January 6, 2021, to prevent him from securing an election victory. Five people were killed and dozens injured in the attack. The attack on the heart of American democracy shook the country.

“The rule of law and the victory for American democracy,” the group said. It said the committee had already received the first documents the former president intended to hide. These documents contain more than 700 pages of information, including handwritten notes by former Trump chief executive Mark Meadows.

More than 700 pages of information have been leaked

Trump used what is called executive privilege in court. It is the privilege of the President to keep certain information confidential. However, the federal court ordered that the documents be handed over to the House Committee. The court ruled that executive power rests with the government, not with the president. It said in November that this privilege was not “for all time”.

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President Joe Biden has agreed to release the information to the National Archives Committee. The committee plans to complete the investigation before the congressional elections in November.