How Successful will be Trump-Guaidó Duo in Venezuela?

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President Donald Trump has reinforced his strong support towards restoring democracy in Venezuela during the conversation with Juan
Guaidó, the self proclaimed President of Venezuela. 

There are various speculations that have brewed among the international critics for Trump’s extended support to the opposition leader against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Especially in context to bringing in real democratic impact in Venezuela.

As per the recent statement released by the White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, Trump and Guaidó are committed on maintaining “regular communication to support Venezuela’s path back to stability, and to rebuild the bilateral relationship”. As per the recent developments, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is willing to negotiate with Guaidó representatives from opposition movement to establish peace in the country.

Trump’s stance depicts that the change in Maduro is a result of the US sanctions, including the blocking of oil revenues.  Post self declaration by Guaidó as nation’s interim president, assembly declared Maduro’s presidency illegitimate stating that the 2018 elections were unfair. Soon after which Maduro in an interview with Russia’s RIA agreed on negotiating “for the good of Venezuela.” However, he also said that there are not going to be new presidential elections until 2025.

In response to which Guaidó’s call for a peaceful, two-hour, midday protest “to demand that the armed forces side with the people” offering amnesty to soldiers siding with people.

As evident, Guaidó’s confidence to bring in peaceful transition from Maduro and eventually hold free elections is driven by Trump’s strong support and involvement. Trump has supported Guaidó saying that he “is being targeted by Venezuelan Supreme Court” after Tarek William Saab – judge for the high court – declared that Guaidó will not be allowed to leave the country and may also block his financial accounts.  Saab has declared that he will launch criminal investigation against Guaidó for the unrest and self-declaration of being President.

Soon after which, US National Security Adviser John Bolton warned Saab of facing consequences if Guaidó is refrained from leaving Venezuela. This certainly showcases that the efforts taken by the Trump administration are more driven to remove Maduro, a disobedient leader, than supporting Guaidó’s democratic plans for Venezuela.

This makes us wonder on the kind of approach by which Trump-Guaidó are planning to bring in democratic laws in Venezuela and later, strengthening relationship between the two countries that already is devoid of any peace or process.

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