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Did Trump Ploy with Journalists to Bring Down Amazon Chief Jeff Bezos with a Sex Scandal?

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What would President Donald Trump have against billionaire Jeff Bezos, the founder of e-tailer giant Amazon? Plenty, it seems, if we go by their Twitter posts. Trump, an erstwhile realtor and a businessman, has been nursing a deep aversion towards Bezos for long now.

Bezos, who has till a month back, been publicity-shy, has never spared Trump and his policies. The Amazon chief has lambasted the President for his lack of sense in leading a democracy. And it is quite known how Trump takes on his rivals, political or otherwise, especially the ones who criticize him for lack of leadership skills. The Washington Post, owned by Jeff Bezos, had been unkind in its view of Trump.

Last month, the world stood up and took notice, when the National Enquirer published a salacious story about Jeff Bezos having a scandalous extra marital affair with Lauren Sanchez, the wife of a media mogul. Shortly before the story was broken, Bezos had announced his plan to divorce his wife and partner of 25 years.

Known for being a tough guy, Jeff Bezos did something that only few can dare to think of. In a blog, he exposed to the world, how the National Enquirer and its parent company honchos had tried to blackmail him by threatening to publish private communication that had transpired between Bezos and his girlfriend Sanchez.

Without mincing any words, Jeff Bezos said that the expose by National Enquirer had a political motive, and when he and his security consultant, Gavin de Becker tried to dig in deeper about the intent of the expose. Bezos has accused Trump of being hand in glove with the publication, calling it a political hit job.

Connecting the dots, how the personal messages and explicit nude pictures of Jeff Bezos ended up with the National Enquirer, the Amazon boss has pointed out at David Pecker, the owner of the media group, who also happens to be a buddy of Trump. It is now said, it was none other than Laueren Sanchez’s brother Michael Sanchez, who accessed her phone, and leaked the information to the Trump camp. Michael, who works in Trump World Tower, has been a massive supporter of Trump.

According to the The Daily Beast, Michael Sanchez and Roger Stone, Trump’s chum who is currently under probe by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, were in cahoots to leak the National Enquirer story.

Not only did the National Enquirer published the story to “make Trump happy”, but it also tried to make some hay while the sun shone, by trying to extort money from Bezos, threatening to otherwise publish the racy stuff that they had their hands on. Not someone to give into blackmailing, Jeff Bezos posted a blog entitled, “No thank you, Mr. Pecker,” on February 7, paying the newspaper in its own coin.

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