September 25, 2022

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Trump is being investigated by the FBI over 15 boxes of classified documents

Updated on 08/26/2022 at 11:37 pm

  • The US Department of Justice has released a key document related to the raid on Donald Trump’s home.
  • Many delicate passages had to be blacked out.
  • The former US president has been accused of stealing classified documents.

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According to a document released Friday, the F.B.I Investigations against former President Donald Trump National Archives started after 15 Trump The boxes were obtained from the White House, some of which were classified. That comes from a redacted version of the affidavit released Friday by the U.S. Department of Justice, based on which the FBI searched Trump’s private residence in Florida.

According to the document, the In 15 boxes 67 documents are marked as confidential, 92 papers are marked as confidential and 25 papers are marked as confidential.. The documents contained intelligence information from “confidential human sources”. These terms are used in the United States to refer to highly classified government information.

In the affidavit, the FBI also said it was conducting criminal investigations into “improper disposal and storage of classified information” and “illegal use of government records.” It said the strictly confidential documents were mutilated, mixed with other documents and not properly labelled. Additionally, many of the documents contained handwritten notes, apparently by Trump himself.

Violates the Espionage Act?

Federal Judge Bruce Reinhardt on Thursday ordered the Justice Department — America’s top law enforcement agency — to make public the affidavit. However, he made it possible for the paths to be darkened. A redacted version of the report used to obtain the search warrant for the search of Trump’s home was finally released Friday afternoon (local time).

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FBI agents raided Trump’s Florida home on August 8. During the raid, they seized several documents – including those classified as “top secret”. Among other things, Trump is suspected of violating the Espionage Act. It contains strict guidelines for the retention of national security documents. When U.S. presidents leave office, all official documents, including emails and letters, must be turned over to the National Archives.

Trump talks about a “witch hunt.”

Along with the affidavit, a letter from Donald Trump’s lawyer to the Justice Department was released Friday. The lawyer said in the May 25 letter that classified documents may have been found under boxes brought by movers to Mar-a-Lago without Trump’s knowledge. He added that Trump willingly cooperated with the National Archives to get the documents back, adding that he has the authority to declassify previously classified information as president of the United States.

Trump has repeatedly described the search for his villa as politically motivated. On Friday she spoke about the “witch hunt” on her online network Truth Social. The right-wing populist accuses President Joe Biden’s Democrats of using the judiciary to block his 2024 re-election bid. (MSS/AFP)

Former US President Donald Trump wants to use a lawsuit to appoint a neutral auditor after the US Federal Police raided his assets.