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Trump to Form Panel to Rebuke Climate Change Facts Approved by Scientists

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Reportedly, Trump administration is all set to form a panel to reconsider and alter the US government’s stance on climate change.

According to the administration officials, the panel that would work under National Security Council (NSC) would be made of people who have been doubtful of the scientific consensus on man-made global warming.

The White House has appointed William Happer as one of the NSC’s senior directors. Happer is an American physicist who disputed the damaging effect CO2 emissions have on the Earth’s atmosphere.

“Having the panel operate under the NSC would avoid the public scrutiny usually required of government advisory committees,” senior officials told the Washington Post.

To be more specific, the latest federal reports are being officially opposed by the White House, including the National Climate Assessment report. This inter-agency study is different from and important than other ones because it sketches out the menaces lurking upon the US due to climate change and global warming.

The report released in November proclaiming the climate change to be responsible for the growing number of natural catastrophes, forewarned the dreadful influences if the temperature of the planet could not be increased up to 2 degree Celsius. However, to everyone’s surprise, the Donald Trump rebuked saying “I don’t believe it”.

Climate experts and scientists are not happy with the Trump administration’s plan that was discussed at the White House Situation Room on Friday

“This is like assembling a panel of gravity skeptics who insist it’s safe to jump off tall buildings, except in this case they want to take us all with them,” Nasa climate scientist Kate Marvel said.

“This is a truly bad idea that just refuses to die. All bureaucracies have them – they are just more dangerous when they originate and live in the White House,” the US navy’s retired oceanographer David Titley said.

According to Trump, the National Climate Assessment is a study prepared by Obama administration officials, but scientists insist the federal study was subjected to a series of in-depth peer reviews.

Trump has always denied the science behind climate change; instead he once said the phenomenon was a Chinese hoax, with an intention to hurt US exports. The president has many a times confused seasonal weather changes with global warming.

Last week, diplomat Kelly Craft was chosen as the country’s next ambassador to the United Nations by Trump. Craft said she respects “both sides” of climate change science.

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