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Donald Trump Slams Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill’s Idea

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Last updated on November 4th, 2018

Donald Trump’s attributes cannot keep him away from the controversies, a habit, offering more comments than developments in the United States of America. As the mid-term election deadline approaches thick and fast, Trump has once again eroded out the controversy, blasting a democrat incumbent Sen. Claire McCaskill, who has quoted some of President’s words to distance herself from her party.

Sen. Claire McCaskill, has reportedly won statewide elections in the red-leaning Show Me State, drawn attention for cozying up to Trump, including with a radio advertisement, which said that she is not one of those crazy Democrats.

President speaking from Colombia, Missouri, slammed the ” nice things”, which McCaskill has said about him in the recent days.

“I didn’t know she was a Republican,” Trump said during his rally, pointing out that she opposed the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh last month. Adding, “In just five days, the people of Missouri are going to retire far-left Democrat Claire McCaskill.”

However, the polls show that the two candidates, Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill, and Republican Attorney General Josh Hawley are matched neck to neck.

Asked in her interview to reveal about the crazy democrats, the term she used in her advertisement, McCaskill diplomatically remarked that she would not call her colleagues crazy. Yet, taking out the name of Elizabeth Warren, who she remarked as the one who was after her when she advocated tooling back some of the regulations for small bank and credit unions.

Trump has also made use of the term “Crazy” or sometimes “loco”, to describe Democrats.

Trump pointed out to the Democratic efforts, which have embraced him in the past, including the comments from Sen. Jon Tester of Montana. However, he clearly remarked “I see Jon Tester saying such nice things about me,” Trump said during a Montana rally in July. “I say, yes, but he never votes for me. He never votes.”

McCaskill, has however been criticized for her decision to not stand by her own party, which could potentially have its say in the mid-term elections.

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